Risk Assessment Software

Easily create, share and manage risk assessment tasks, data & reports.

Our Risk Assessment Software allows you to have all the information and reports you need at your fingertips. To help maintain compliance and minimise risk, the Risk Assessment module makes it easy to create, share and manage risk assessment tasks, data and reports. Our Risk Assessment Software automatically shares risk assessment tasks and reports with staff and management and gives you all the information and reports you need at your fingertips.


Identifying potential risks and establishing risk reduction plans are essential tasks in safety management. However, once the assessment and plans have been made, you need processes in place to back them up. Managing information on spreadsheets, documents and shared folders leads to more paperwork, manual checks and the potential for human error. Our Risk Assessment Software eliminates the majority of the workload required for these tasks


Effective Software’s Risk Assessment Software streamlines the process, automating your action plans, making the process more efficient and less time intensive. You can also adapt your risk rating calculation methods to your needs, create a range of templates and shared assessments to share with your workforce and integrate with other modules to provide additional support.

Throughout all our companies, Effective has encouraged employees to take more responsibility for health & safety.

Kieran Thompson, Group EHS Manager, One51.

Key benefits include

  • Simply create and track risk assessments
  • Identify current and future control measures and risk reduction plans
  • Create assessments from scratch or make use of templates and shared risk assessments to aid your employees
  • Assign and track actions to employees
  • Configure risk rating scores and definitions for reports
  • Add images and attachments for visual risk assessments for easier understanding and education
  • Track risk training across your organisation using a simple matrix
  • Unlimited access points for your employees to create risk assessments and submit for approval

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