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Engage EHS Customer Success Journey

Engage EHS Customer Success Journey

Welcome to the Engage EHS Guide to the Customer Success Journey! In this guide we aim to walk you through the different stages of the customer journey, introduce you to the Customer Success team and give you a general feel for what you can expect as a customer of Engage EHS.

Our goal on the CS team is to support our clients in achieving all of their safety objectives with the software. Whether its through meetings with your CSM or if you need to contact the support team, we're here to work with you to get your whole workforce engaged in health and safety.

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Billy O'Brien

Director of Customer Success 

Engage EHS Customer Success Journey
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Our Onboarding specialists will be with you from the end of the sales process to make sure that your system adoption runs as smoothly as possible.

Onboarding Timeline

We will work out an onboarding timeline that suits you and your staff and gets you using the system as soon as possible. Milestones are agreed upon and we stay in constant contact to make sure that everything is going well on your end.


The relationship between our Customer Success Managers and their clients is key at Engage EHS. The CSMs work closely with clients from the end of the Sales process, through Onboarding and beyond. 

Your CSM

Your CSM looks after onboarding, training and makes sure that you are getting the best value out of the system. They often conduct on-site system training and hold quarterly business review meetings with clients.

Engage EHS Customer Success Journey
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Engage EHS Customer Success Journey
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We offer several ways to get in contact should you need to:

Support Team

The CS Support Team are your first port of call should you need help with the software. They operate our Help Centre and support-ticket system, as well as manning the live chat from 09:00AM - 17:30PM Monday to Friday.

Customer Workshops

We run Customer Workshops around the UK and Ireland twice a year where we walk customers through new product releases and future developments. Attendees also get the chance to see new aspects of the software in action before anyone else.

Business Review Meetings

The CSMs run Business Review Meetings on a quarterly, biannual and annual basis. During these meetings they discuss key system usage statistics and trends, as well as review your health and safety goals.


We are always looking to improve the software and we want to get our clients involved in this process as much as possible. Client feedback is vital for this and gives you a say in how the product develops.

Product Feedback Sessions

We run frequent product feedback sessions throughout the year in the UK and Ireland, giving clients an opportunity to chat with CSMs and Product Developers about any questions or suggestions they may have.

Beta -testing programmes

As we are constantly adding new features and improving the functionality of the software, its vital to get customer feedback to make sure we are on the right track! If you express an interest in testing some of our new features we are happy to get you involved in the beta-testing programme!

Engage EHS Customer Success Journey
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Engage EHS Customer Success Journey Truck East
"I get the feeling that (Engage EHS) actively want us to use the system as much as we can and it’s nice that (they) don’t just sell you something and walk away"
  • Helen Moore
  • Compliance and Human Resources General Manager at TruckEast Ltd.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum or maximum number of users?

No. Engage EHS is designed to accommodate a wide variety of businesses; there is practically no limit to the number of users the system can manage. We work with SMEs that employ five people and global companies with tens of thousands of employees. No company is too big or small. 

Engage EHS offers a unique licensing model. If required, it can give access to all your employees to key functions like incident reporting, risk assessments and completing audits. Pricing is directed primarily by the modules that you choose, as well as your business size and support level.

Adopting health and safety software in industries

Major industries all have complicated needs and different processes. A good Health and Safety management system should be able to accommodate these needs and adapt to your business structure. Here area few examples of how software can work in a selection of industries:

Construction health and safety software

The construction industry in the UK and Ireland contributes over £100 billion to the UK’s and Ireland’s economies and employs over 2 million people. The construction and engineering industries in the UK and Ireland are some of the biggest industries prone to hazards and incident potential. This is made worse if there is a poorly managed health and safety system in place. Some of the most frequent incidents on construction sites include falls, collapsing materials, incidents with site materials and contact with overhead power lines. Despite an encouraging trend of a reduction in injuries and occupational health in the past 20 years, there is a lot more room for further improvements. Health and Safety software in the construction industry is one way of getting there.

Engage EHS is currently working with many construction and engineering companies of all sizes to improve their overall health and safety procedures. Our customers are benefiting from using our safety software through the creation of a zero-harm safety culture, allowing greater access to safety data across an organisation, saving administration time on low-value activities and reducing management costs including administration costs, lost time spent, insurance premiums and solicitor’s fees.

Manufacturing health and safety software

According to the EEF, UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industry employs over 2.6 million people and contributes on average a massive 10% of GVA. It goes without saying that the manufacturing industry has higher than normal risk of injury and risk. Despite an encouraging trend of a reduction in injuries and occupational health in the past 20 years, there is a lot more room for further improvements. Today, Health and Safety management systems need to be much more efficient and flexible to accommodate to changing environments and regulations. Health and safety software in the manufacturing industry allows for these continuous changing environments and regulations.

Engage EHS work with many well-known manufacturing businesses to streamline their health and safety processes. System users have highlighted the functionality of the software as a major benefit, including using it as a data aggregator to identify areas of concern. Many users in the manufacturing industry have identified the Risk Assessment, Incident and Training modules as bringing about major improvements to health and safety in their organisations.

Housing health and safety software

Housing Associations in the UK and Ireland provide over two and a half million homes for more than five million people. The housing sector in the UK and Ireland is not a sector to have a poorly managed health and safety system in place. Due to the nature if the industry, safety of clients and employees is of the most importance. We have found in our experience with our customers in the housing industry that they tend to need a highly flexible health and safety system in place.

Users of our software in housing associations have noted how it has changed their auditing procedures for the better. They no longer have to file through reams of paper and contact staff from around the country to conduct an audit. This leads to significant time saving in administration. Proving compliance and duty of care are core tenants of the housing industry, and users of the Engage EHS system have identified its strong reporting features, Audit and Risk modules as helping them to meet expected standards.

Food & Beverage health and safety software

The food and beverage industry is recognised as the largest manufacturing industry in both the UK and Ireland with an estimated turnover of over £95 billion and employs approximately 400,000 people. In the past 20 years, there has been a remarkable reduction in injuries and occupational ill health. Despite this encouraging trend, a targeted effort is required to ensure further reductions. HSE research indicates that positive steps by management could have prevented injury in about 70% of incidents, and action by workers a further 10%. These positive steps for companies in the food & beverage industryshould lead to a path to health and safety software.

Our customers in the food and beverage industry have emphasized the benefits that the Engage EHS system has brought to their reporting procedures. The incident module in particular is used to conduct accident investigations much more effectively and gets all levels of the business involved. The overall usability of the system is something that is frequently praised by clients in this sector. Easy adoption of the system in a business leads to more employees becoming engaged with safety faster.

Can Engage EHS be integrated with other systems that we currently use?

Yes, we consistently strive to make the transition as easy as possible for customers. We have worked with many in-house systems including Human Resource and Personnel Databases, Financial systems and many more, and of course our support team will be on hand if you need assistance through any of the integration.

Health and safety software for large businesses

Health and Safety presents specific issues for large businesses and organisations. A large business may be spread across several sites countrywide, or even internationally. Even having the majority of staff centralised in one location has its difficulties in terms of health and safety.

As with small and medium-sized businesses, it is vital that large organisations have a Safety Statement. This is a written document that specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within a business. The measures contained within this document must comply with all relevant laws and regulations. In terms of the financial cost of non-compliance, large organisations certainly have a lot to lose.

A dedicated safety software can go a long way to streamlining safety processes in a large business. It can provide management consistency across multiple sites and makes sure that everyone is following the same rules. This also applies when contractors are being used, so that you can ensure that their processes and SOPs match your own. Bringing in a health and safety software can also facilitate better communication between departments in a large business. See more in our 5 Minute Guide to Modernising Health & Safety Tech.

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