AFI Group is a leading Powered Access provider, providing a UK wide hire network of over 5,000 modern Powered Access machines through 20 depots. With reach heights from 3.60m to 53m they include push around verticals, mast lifts, scissor lifts, articulating booms, stick booms, truck & track mounts as well as telehandlers. AFI Hire operates three brands which includes AFI-Uplift, AJ Rentals and Wilson Access Hire, each giving their own unique solution to working at height.

Effective Software


Nigel Stevens, the QEHS Manager from AFI Group, noted how much the company had grown in a very quick amount of time, doubling year on year according to Nigel. However, with this speedy growth, their health and safety management systems could not keep up. They were using a lot of Excel and paper-based systems to manage their compliance. When audits, investigations or timely reports were needed there was a lot of paper shuffling. For example, before, when audits were carried out it was very difficult to monitor compliance with the audits so they didn’t know whether actions were being closed or not.


According to Nigel, the reason Effective Software was chosen was that it provided an overall solution to their health and safety needs. AFI needed a system that could be pushed out to all of their regions and create a much larger health and safety staple in how employees conducted their jobs.


Before, with accident and investigations, Nigel made it clear that he never knew if recommendations carried out prior to an investigation were being put in place. Now, accidents and investigations under the umbrella of Effective Software is Nigel’s favourite element of the software. He likes how he can monitor every step of the investigation and how accessible it is. For example, before, if an accident took place, Nigel and his HSEQ team would have to travel to that site, for the most part not even arriving to the site of the accident until the next day. Now, he can notify a local manager at the site to carry out the investigation on his behalf almost immediately after the accident took place.


With total oversight, these days when an accident comes to its final conclusion and recommendations are put forward, Nigel made it abundantly clear that no accident results in actions being made that are then not fulfilled.


The easy access to health and safety data is a big plus to Nigel, as he can monitor everything from his laptop now. If at any moment, he isn’t happy with a certain element of how health and safety is being carried out at any of AFI’s locations, he can intervene and pull it back on it’s correct course.


Since implementing the Effective system there has been a much larger engagement with health and safety across all of their sites. The software offers the tools to train people to use the software which has now broadened the reach that health and safety now has in AFI. Health and safety has become a much larger part of everyone’s job.