Arkil Ltd has operated in Ireland since 1988, producing many construction materials, with particular emphasis on road construction materials. Arkil Ltd has three quarries in Kildare, Cork and Kerry, where all types of asphalts, macadam’s, stone aggregates, natural stone, building stone, clause 804, high PSV chips, (Psv60, Psv65 and Psv70), high friction surfacing, anti-skid surfacing, sand, concrete and concrete blocks, (depending on the location), all produced in accordance with the most up-to-date specifications and standards.


Arkil came to Effective looking for a solution that would help them become more pro-active in their approach to health and safety. Paddy Peters, the QEHS Manager from Arkil, talked to us about how Arkil were using a lot of paper-based and Excel systems to manage their health and safety needs. Paddy was getting fed up with these methods of management as they were very cumbersome and time-consuming. There was a clear need for a more efficient, easy-to-use system. There was also a larger need for a system that could create relevant and timely reports.


The Effective team worked tightly with Paddy and his H&S team to craft the correct solution plan for the needs and wants of Arkil. The solution software Paddy and his team were looking for had to be able to implement their company policies and have the ability to highlight health and safety issues in the company. These were just some of the biggest reasons for Paddy’s final decision in choosing Effective Software.


The benefits of the software that stood out initially in Paddy’s mind  was how quickly and easily it implemented with the existing health and safety policies that Arkil had in place. He also greatly admired the software’s ability to highlight the clear health and safety issues that Arkil was suffering from.


Two important areas that Paddy found the software won in were the usability of the software and how easy it is to access health and safety information. He noted how accessible and effortless it is to use the software and because of this, more and more people are engaging with health and safety. This was somewhat of an issue beforehand, where employees would find it much more difficult to get involved with health and safety as it was very cumbersome and time consuming to use.


Paddy’s favourite tool to use in the software is the Auditing module as it has greatly improved the speed in implementing actions throughout the company. He finds that because it is much easier to access the necessary information from anywhere and that it is a user-friendly system, the process of auditing has become much more efficient.

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