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Use the mobile app to complete audits on-the-go, online or offline. 

The Audit module lets you create and schedule audits while avoiding data duplication and standardises your audit templates across all sites and departments.

Fully Automated Workflow

Say goodbye to data duplication in audits and checklists

  1. Create and schedule audits out to the relevant people
  2. Ensure standardisation across all sites and departments, makes sure everyone is working off the same template in realtime
  3. Raise actions and send/ receive notifications via email

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Track Audit Completion

Your audits completed when and where they should be

  1. Send completed audits and inspections through an approval process, providing traceability at every stage
  2. Utilise User Guidance information and additional space to provide more details and flesh-out responses
  3. Actions and notifications allow you to escalate an audit if it is not completed 
Engage EHS Design shape
Engage EHS Design shape

Use the mobile app to take your audits on the go 

  1. Create and complete ad-hoc audits anywhere, online or offline 
  2. Monitor Where, When and Who completed an audit in realtime 
  3. Attach images to your audits and complete with electronic sign-off 


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Reporting & Analytics

No more guessing how your auditing plan is performing

  1. Easily view audit completion for your entire organisation using the Engage EHS Insights Dashboard
  2. These dashboards bring your information to life with dynamic visuals, graphs and charts
  3. Management can easily generate reports and view auditing trends  
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Engage EHS Design shape
Safety Connected

The Audits module connects with other core modules in the following ways: 

  1. Plant & Asset Management Software: Attach audits to plant and assets and remind users when they need to be completed 
  2. Contractor Management Software: Audit your contractors ensuring relevant documentation (such as certificates and permits) has been provided 
  3. Method Statement Software: Check method statements that are on-site in realtime 
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Key features

Key Features

  • Fully Configurable

    Fully configurable audit and inspection templates with multiple questions and GPS tracking

  • Mobile Device

    Take photos and add directly to the report, scan barcodes and capture signatures on your mobile device

  • Create Schedules

    Create schedules or complete audits ad-hoc

  • Unlimited Users

    No restriction on the number of users to complete audits and actions online

  • Complete Reports

    Complete reports on the move with all data syncing back to the central system instantly for metrics, reports and analysis

  • Raise and Track

    Raise and track actions against each audit

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BOC Gases Case Study

BOC Gases Case Study

The Engage mobile app lets users create and complete ad-hoc audits anywhere, online or offline. Images can be attached to audits which are completed with electronic sign-off. The Audits module also provides excellent oversight for the entire business, with a notification platform that allows the team to see any changes that are made or anything that is missed or overdue.

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"Actually going out and using the app in the field, they were not only getting more involved but they actually found it far more interesting and fun to use"
  • Keith Ramsey
  • Site Production Manager for South London at BOC Gases
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People Also Asked

What is safety audit software?

Safety audit software ensures compliance of processes in health and safety for businesses. Software for audits and inspections adopts a paperless approach which helps eliminate duplication of data. With a system that has mobile capabilities, your audits can be completed on-the-go, online or offline. This enables that audits are created when and where they should be.

What is audit and inspection software?

Audit and inspection software is much like safety audit software but with some intrinsic differences. With audits, they are carried out less often than inspections. Their overall objective is to assess that a certain process is compliant with one or more regulations. They are typically conducted by a third-party. Inspections, on the other hand are the completion of recurring checklists by a business’ employees. They ensure that certain processes are operating in a safe and environmentally harmless way.

What is construction safety inspection software?

Construction safety inspection software makes it much easier to carry out construction inspections. Generating a building inspection report can be worked with effortlessly with a software system onsite. This plays an important role in ensuring safety initiatives are followed and communication between contractors, subcontractors and employees is seamless. It also allows you to access your important safety forms from anywhere.

What should a safety audit include?

First of all, it’s important for your team to agree on the best safety audit methods for your workplace. There is a number ways audits can be carried out:

• Safety tours – general audits of the workplace. 

• Safety sampling – sampling of specific dangerous activities, processes or areas. 

• Safety surveys – general audits of particular dangerous activities, processes or areas. 

• Incident inspections – these would generally occur post-accident causing death, injury, or near miss, which could have resulted in an injury.

What happens during a safety inspection?

Union-appointed safety representatives can inspect the workplace. They have to give notice in writing when they intend to carry out a formal audit of the workplace, and have not inspected it in the previous three months. If there is substantial change in conditions of work or HSE publishes new information on hazards, the representatives are entitled to carry out inspections before three months have elapsed, or if it is by agreement. The frequency of inspections will depend on the nature of the work. Audits may be less often, for example, if the work environment is low risk like in a predominantly administrative office. But if there are certain areas of a workplace or specific activities that are high risk or changing rapidly, more frequent audit may be justified, for example on a construction project.

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