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Best Risk Assessment Software

Best Risk Assessment Software

What should you look for when choosing Risk Assessment Software for your business?

Desktop screen Best Risk Assessment Software

Choosing the right risk assessment software takes thought—and like most strategic business decisions, it pays to get it right the first time.

Here are a few of the most important features and capabilities to look for in choosing a risk assessment solution and a vendor you trust:

Why choose Engage EHS over other software providers?

Social -  Transforms how employees engage with EHS and
risk assessments

Integrated - Connects to our Workstation, Incident, Plant and CoSHH/ Chemical modules

Award Winning Service - Backed by award winning expertise
and customer support

Insights and Reporting - Gain deep understanding of your risk assessment data


Learn more about our software features below:
Best Risk Assessment Software
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Best Risk Assessment Software
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System Feature

Central Risk Assessment Storage

Having risk assessments located in one easily-acessible location means less time wasted keeping track of dozens of RA's

  1. Users can create, share and edit risk assessments, or work from templates
  2. The easy-to-use system means you can get all employees invoved in the assessment process
  3. No more waiting for someone else to prepare the data you need, its all contained in the Risk module
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System Feature

Risk Compliance Tracking

Seeing company-wide risk training compliance is easy with the risk training matrix:

  1. You can easily schedule employees for training on a risk assessment AND see if it has been completed
  2. Using the RA approval process, assessments are only set live when you allow it
  3. The calendar tool lets you see what training is approaching deadline
Best Risk Assessment Software
Desktop screen
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Best Risk Assessment Software
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System Feature

Market-leading Risk Assessment Analytics 

Our Live Insights Dashboard lead the way in risk assessment data visualisation among our competitors:

  1. Easily view risk assessment data for your entire organisation in one place
  2. These dashboards bring your information to life with dynamic visuals, graphs and charts
  3. See your open control measures, trainee compliance and other data sets
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System Feature

Advanced notifcations and action management

The notifications and actions feature makes sure you won't miss a renewal or let an assessment expire again:

  1. Assign actions to your employees - and track if they have been completed
  2. Let employees know when they have to complete an RA with email notifications
  3. Create actions for control measures that are not in place, and see when they have been implemented
Best Risk Assessment Software
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Best Risk Assessment Software
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We currently have a score of 4.7 on software comparison site Capterra!

See what our users really think by reading all of our reviews on Capterras website:

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TruckEast Case Study

TruckEast Case Study

After being with their original software provider for 14 years, it was time for TruckEast to make a change. According to Helen Moore, Compliance and Human Resources General Manager at TruckEast, they were encountering numerous issues with the software, ranging from its dated appearance to poor system compatibility.

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Best Risk Assessment Software Truck East
I get the feeling that (Engage EHS) actively want us to use the system as much as we can and it’s nice that (they) don’t just sell you something and walk away
  • Helen Moore
  • Compliance and Human Resources General Manager at TruckEast Ltd.
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What are the 5 stages of a Risk Assessment?

The 5 stages of risk assessment are:

Stage 1. Identify the hazards.

Stage 2. Identify who could get hurt and how.

Stage 3. Assess the danger and decide on safeguard.

Stage 4. Put your RA findings and put action them

Stage 5. Review at later stage and update when necessary

What are the types of risk assessment?

1. Qualitative Risk Assessment: 

Relies on the own judgement of the person assessing the risks.

2. Quantitative Risk Assessment: 

Used to quantify risks by setting a numerical value against it.

3. Generic Risk Assessment: 

Aiming to cut down on replication of tasks and paperwork, generic assessments cover everyday risks for a task or activity.

4. Site-Specific Risk Assessment: 

A site specific risk assessment is a risk assessment that was filled up for a given task, and takes the site location into account, its surrounding, and the people involved in the job.

5. Dynamic Risk Assessment: 

Process of assessing risk based on current situation & circumstances. This type of risk assessments is usually used to manage unspecified risk and cope with uncertainty.

How do you perform Risk Assessments?

Firstly you need to point out the hazards, then assess the risks. Once the risks are evaluated you need to make sure that they are under control, before recording your findings. Once these steps are filled in, make sure to review the controls you put in place to ensure they are working.

What is workstation Risk Assessment software?

Workstation Risk Assessment software allows you to:

  • Bring all of your assessments online and eliminate excess paperwork.
  • Easily assign out your DSE assessments and review them.
  • Make your assessments centrally located and accessible.
  • Understand compliance at a glance.
  • Keep tracks of all your workstation actions
How can you manage control measures with software tools?

Risk control measures are actions that are taken in response to a risk factor that has the potential to cause accident or harm in the workplace. They are designed to reduce a risk or remove it.

Using the Engage EHS Risk Assessment Software, you can add Control Measures to correspond with the in-built Risk Calculator on the system. On a RA You can identify all control measures applicable.

If any of the Control Measures identified are already in place, you can tick the box next to the said Control Measure. For all Control Measures that were not ticked as "In Place", the system will create an Unassigned Control Measure.

You can then mark the Risk Number that is applicable to the identified Hazard after all Control measures are put in place

How can you prove duties of care with Risk Assessment software tools?

Using the Engage EHS Risk Assessment Module, you can manage the risk training of all employees. The risk training matrix lets you quickly see what risk training is Out of Compliance/ Scheduled/ Compliant for individual employees, giving you an all-encompassing view of compliance in your organisation.

Training on risk assessments can also be scheduled out to individuals or departments through the system.

The Insights Dashboards give you a visual representation of Risk Training and Trainee Compliance, letting you quickly hone in on areas of concern and giving you the most accurate information for your reports.

What is a risk calculator?

A Risk Calculator (or Severity Matrix) is a method of identifying and rating the level of risk of a particular activity or situation. They tend to utilise severity and probability when calculating risk.

This can then inform the control measures that are out in place.

What is DSE risk assessment software?

DSE risk assessment software relates to the software tools that organisations use to manage display screen equipment risk assessments or workstation risk assessments. Engage EHS’s workstation module allows safety teams to centralise & standardise all assessments across the workplace and give the capability to assign DSE or workstation assessments out to individual employees or your entire organisation for them to complete online.

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