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Major Safety Achievements for Engage EHS Customer

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Major Safety Achievements for Quinn

Engage EHS customer Quinn Industrial Holdings has recently been recognised and shortlisted in the 2019 MPA British Precast Awards for their investment and innovative interventions in managing health and safety across the Company

All the team at Effective Software want to congratulate the employees of Quinn Industrial Holdings for their fantastic achievements in gaining ISO 45001:2018 accreditation and being named as finalists in the 2019 MPA British Precast Awards.

Over the past year, Quinn has made enormous strides in their health and safety management, starting with the launching of the Quinn Safety Hub in October 2018, which was quickly followed by the achievement of OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management accreditation in December 2018 for their Quinn Lite Pac division. More recently, Quinn have gained ISO 45001 accreditation for their Quinn Precast and Quinn Packaging divisions and are now finalists in two categories in the 2019 MPA British Precast Awards.




The road to ISO 45001 is not an easy one! Quinn Precast and Quinn Packaging have become the first Quinn divisions to achieve the new, internationally recognised standard, with more expected to follow in late 2019.

To achieve the certification, both Quinn divisions had to demonstrate, through a rigorous two-phase auditing process, that they could meet the robust standards required to achieve the certification, which has been developed to mitigate any factors that can cause employees and businesses irreparable harm.


We’re delighted to achieve the ISO 45001 certification as it represents the most thorough approach to Occupational Health and Safety.

Thomas Coyle,
Quinn Precast General Manager                                                                                                                        

Demonstrating the Plan-Do-Act-Check framework, Quinn Precast and Quinn Packaging had to:

  1. Outline what the company must do in order to minimise the risk of harm (Plan)
  2. Implement this Plan (Do)
  3. Identify all the key elements that should be addressed (Check)
  4. Determine opportunities for improvement (Act)

There are a lot of internal audits and checklists to keep track of! Systems such as the Engage EHS health and safety audit software helps manage, create and schedule audits, therefore saving time that can be better utilised on other interventions and improvements.


2019 MPA British Precast Awards


Industry recognition continues for Quinn with their recent nominations in the 2019 MPA British Precast Awards, where they were announced as Finalists in two categories.

Quinn Building Products were shortlisted in the Digital Transformation Award category for the Quinn Safety Hub, while Quinn Precast have also been named as a finalist in the Health and Safety Award category for their Bed Saw Health and Safety Enhancement Project.

Both projects which have been shortlisted in this year’s awards are health and safety initiatives, which is always the number one priority for us.

We’ve invested heavily in these particular projects and the outcomes have been very positive. It’s an area we will continue to innovate in and will always aim to achieve the highest standards.

Gerry Clancy, 
Quinn’s Health and Safety Manager



Quinn Building Products were highly commended for their Bed Saw Health and Safety Enhancement Project at the award ceremony on the 27th June.


Safety Hub



The Safety Hub represents a major achievement in Health and Safety management for the wider Quinn company.

Launched in October 2018, The Quinn Safety Hub uses Engage EHS health and safety management system for day to day health and safety management, including the functionality to monitor and track any accidents, incidents and near misses, create and carry out audits and raise actions relating to all health and safety matters.

The Hub also allows Quinn to manage their employee training records and gives control of all contractors’ health and safety and training documentation.

Part of the Hub development project included the integration of Learn Upon training management software to create a uniquely tailored system which allows for the delivery of online video-based training and inductions.

The modules used in the Hub include:

Engage EHS were delighted to work with Quinn on the establishing of the Safety Hub, the results of which are already becoming apparent.

Aside from their well-deserved industry reconnection, ISO 45001 accreditation and award nominations, the Hub has also been instrumental in aiding Quinn’s total commitment to an inclusive, open and transparent safety culture for all their employees.

Making a change like this requires a significant culture change, and we’ve had to involve all of the people from the factory floor to senior board level members of the company.

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees remains the most important thing that we can do in our daily work, and we need to ensure that we have the technology and the systems in place and we continue to develop the system that we’ve now installed to ensure we maintain the highest standards going forward.

Kevin Lunney,
Quinn’s Director of Operations

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