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Safety Software...The IT Taboo?

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Safety Software…The IT Taboo?

The Rise Of Cloud Computing

In short, cloud is fast becoming the new normal and has become an integral part of both work and daily life. Businesses across the UK and Ireland are continuously moving to the cloud. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, 50% of those asked said they would be increasing spending on cloud computing. The much higher priority placed on cloud computing by companies comes from a growing need to understand their customers better, expedite the buying process and enhance the daily engagement of their employees.

While their motivations differ, businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud services. The fundamental reason for moving to the cloud is that it cuts on costs. Initially though, in implementation, the benefits seen include the flexibility and scalability that it brings to an organisation. Your IT department will have no responsibility for building, maintaining, or supporting the software. They will have no time-consuming responsibilities, not even having to install updates. All your employees are logged into the most recent version of the software every time they log in without your IT people having to lift a finger. Following this, cloud computing quickly shows its muscles in the increase of efficiency, the improvement of cash flow and by making laborious and tedious tasks, fast and easy. This rise of cloud computing makes it clear that global IT spend is not just growing, it is soaring.

IT Spend On cloud Computing

IT departments are expected to reduce operational costs and minimise capital expenditure wherever possible in a company. The intention is to make day-to-day processes more efficient and to deliver value for money. The IT professional network Spiceworks has just published its 2016 State of IT report with 1,121 IT professionals surveyed across ten of the top industries.

IT Taboo

IT Taboo

IT Spend By Department

With the amount of choice in cloud computing available to business leaders today, it is no wonder why different departments are asking for their seat at the table when the IT budget is being made. Who doesn't want the speed of change and ease of use that cloud computing brings.

Whether you're in sales, marketing or health & safety, budgeting can be a tricky processes in managing an efficient department. Justifying spend on software is easier for certain departments. Sales and marketing industries have seen huge increases in the past ten years in the use of SaaS technologies and it is no wonder with the level of efficiency these technologies bring. With so many options available to company leaders it is vital to actually justify the spend on cloud computing.

Looking at current stats on where companies are allocating their IT spend, it is clear Health and Safety departments are not only not seeing a large amount of the IT budget but really don't need a huge amount of the budget compared to other departments.


*Taking companies with an average of 1000+ employees.

spend IT

Overlooking Software

The reality is that some functions of organisations struggle to get heard like others do and miss out on being included in IT budgets. The problem with these areas of organisations, such as innovation or health & safety, is that they are not structured and organised in the same way that other functions are. Even though these functions could represent a chance at leading the industry and cementing an organisation's future, they are still managed with a disorganised mix of spreadsheets and PowerPoint.

overlooking software

Software for these areas is continuously overlooked. Let's not forget the end goal of any IT budget is to provide value for money. This is where companies need to drill down at all department levels, and identify the goals and the milestones they plan to hit. If they are not being hit, other options need to be considered.

Why Move Safety Software To The Cloud?

Safety software taboo

Starting any new software project can be tricky. That's why we've created a simple 5 minute guide to modernising health & safety tech which will give you all the information you need to understand why organisations of all sizes are adopting software to modernize and streamline their health and safety processes.

For more information as to how our health and safety management system can help you streamline your health and safety processes, check out our Full Range of Modules. Alternatively, if you would like one of our product experts to discuss your existing processes or needs why not Request A Callback.

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