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Webinar - Growing safety engagement in your workplace

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Webinar: Growing safety engagement in your workplace
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Listening Guide
  • Intoduction/ Meet the panel: 00:00 - 01.58
  • What is employee engagement, and how you can grow it?: 02:00 - 12:16
  • Barriers to engagement 12:17 - 18:39
  • Benefits of an engaged workforce - RyderMarsh OCAID Case Study: 18:40 - 26:39
  • Failures in engagement: 26:40 - 30:16
  • Using technology to drive employee engagement: 30:17 - 38:10
  • Getting senior management involved - A Case Study: 38:11 - 45:50
  • Question and Answer Round: 46:00 - 58:43


Key Tips for growing engagement:

1) Listen to your employees

Feedback from your employees is vital to growing your safety engagement. Getting honest feedback can be tricky – just because your checklists are coming back with no problems doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. In a work setting, you may be told what you want to hear.

Informal meetings may work better – talk about what is important to your employee, don’t talk at them.


2) Act on the feedback that you receive

Don’t just collect employee feedback and let it sit there. You have to listen AND take action. You can start with small changes (barring any urgent safety issues), showing employees that they are being listened to. It can be seemingly minor things that annoy people – ill fitting PPE, old or out-of-date equipment, unclear or contradictory safety processes.

Tackling these issues can start to show managements receptiveness to employee feedback.


3) Building Trust

You need to explain to your employees the reason behind your information gathering. Let them know that it is alright for there to be problems. You need to communicate effectively with your employees about whey you are gathering information, what the benefits for them are, and listen to their reactions. If employees fear blame or backlash, they will not engage. 

Beliefs are hard to change – your success is dependant on how you effectively communicate, and how senior management display leadership and accountability.


4) Technology

Technology can be a fantastic support to employee enagagement in health and safety. The scope of safety technology is constantly changing, with wearable and mobile technology making massive advancements. A place where mobile technology is particularly useful is in mobile hazard spotting and incident reporting. Effective Software's engage mobile app lets you easily submit hazards and observations while adding classifications and categories for maximum accuracy. Our incident reporting software allows users to capture the core information about the incident.



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