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Manage chemical usage, storage and supplier data

Ensuring your employees are safe while working with hazardous substances is extremely important but it can also be demanding trying to manage all the paperwork.

The Chemicals module lets you manage your chemical inventory list, track substance usage and store all important safety data in one place.

Chemical Management Software
Detailed Chemical Records

Record all chemical data, supplier information and view chemical use history

  1. Attach (M)SDS and risk assessments associated with the chemical
  2. R Phrase Classifications and GHS classifications built in to the record
  3. Assign and track actions out to employees
Chemical Management Software
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Chemical Management Software
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Centralised Chemical Information

All your organisations chemical data in one location

  1. Gain oversight of chemical usage at a glance with the chemical matrix
  2. Filter tool helps quickly locate the chemical required
  3. Chemical data records can be accessed to complete CoSHH assessments
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Safety Connected

Connect Chemicals with other modules to unify health and safety in your business:

CoSHH Assessment Software: Pull in the most up-to-date chemical and substance information into your CoSHH assessments

Chemical Management Software
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Key features

Key Features

  • Track usage

    Record and track monthly chemical usage across multiple sites

  • Supplier data

    Store and record important supplier contact information

  • Classifications

    R Phrase Classifications and GHS Classifications

  • MSDS

    Include safety data sheets in chemical records

  • CoSHH Assessments

    Use chemical data to complete CoSHH assessments

Trusted by Over 300 Clients Across The Globe

  • 50%

    Reduction in overall Accident Frequency

  • 10

    Factor increase in Near-Miss Reporting

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Read on to discover the difference that our software has made to the team at Future Industrial Services.

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"The system allows you to present the good work you're doing in a very clear and concise way"

  • Matthew Blake
  • Technical & Compliance Director
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What is chemical Risk Assessment software?

Chemical Risk Assessment Management software is a tool that monitors and manages the risks associated with hazardous chemicals.

The Engage EHS CoSHH & Chemical Module lets you create fully-configurable task or substance based risk assessments. These assessments have both R Phrase and GHS Classifications built in and can be shared easily throughout your organisation.

How do you create a chemical inventory list?

When creating a chemical inventory list, it is important to include all chemicals that are present in the workplace. Its is vital to include all chemical data such as product name/code, supplier name and contact details, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), hazard classifications and usage quantities.

What is chemical inventory list?

A chemical inventory list is a database of chemicals used or present in your workplace. A chemical inventory list will include (but is not limited to):
- Identifying hazardous chemicals,
- Tracking chemical usage,
- Identifying the work a chemical is used for
- Identifying the locations a chemical is used

What chemicals must be included in a chemical inventory?

All chemicals that are present in the workplace shoud be included on a chemical inventory list.

How often should a chemical inventory be performed?

There is no regulatory timings for performing a chemical inventory review. However, it is recognised that a chemical inventory review should be undetaken at least once a year.

What is required on a chemical or hazard label?

It is widely recognised that the following is required on a hazard label. The requirments may change due to geogrpahies:
- Name, address and telephone number of the supplier
- Product identifiers
- Relevant signal word
- Hazard statement(s) description of the hazardous effect
- Appropriate precautionary statements to allow the user to take measures to protect health/environment
- Obligatory supplemental information which comprise of hazard statements taken over from previous chemical legislation

How do you manage chemical inventory?

It is important for organisations to manage their chemical inventory in order to ensure they are mitigating risk related to employee exposure to potential harmful substances. This management process was traditionally paper and spreadhseet focused. In reccent times, organisations are now transitioning to an online chemical inventory software provider. Engage EHS's chemical inventory module is helping organisations standardise and centralise all their chemical inventory one easily accessible location.

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