Coillte’s core purpose is to enrich lives locally, nationally and globally through innovative and sustainable management of natural resources. We are a commercial company operating in forest, land based businesses, wood panel products, renewable energy and telecommunications, employing approximately 1,000 people. Coillte was established in 1988 and since then the company has undergone a major transformation, and is now a European scale forestry and forest products business.


We were delighted to have the opportunity to talk to Kieran Thompson, the Group Health & Safety Manager from Coillte at our Customer Success Day in Dublin this March 2016. Prior to implementing Effective Software, Kieran made it clear that Coillte were using SharePoint to manage their health and safety data. It was a system where they held documents including accident reports and risk assessments, all of which were created through Excel and paper. Kieran had actually used Effective Software in a previous role he had in One51. From the get go in his role in Coillte, he was adamant that a health and safety management software was a solution needed in the company.


Being familiar with how the Effective Software system worked, Kieran was very interested in bringing the software to Coillte. He noted how Coillte were in need of an efficient, all-in-one system that could report on accidents and easily manage risk assessment and chemicals. Another factor that cemented the choosing of Effective Software was that it complied with their OHAS regulations in terms of 18001.


Before, with accident investigations in Coillte, Kieran made it clear that the process was tedious and cumbersome as there was so many moving parts involved. Now, the use of Effective Software for accidents and investigations happens to be Kieran’s favourite part of using the software. He likes it because of the fluidity between all parties that are involved with accident investigation. There is much more engagement with Health and Safety among employees now that managers onsite can use the system. This also allows for much quicker responses to accident reporting and investigation.


The software has allowed for corrective actions to be clearly communicated. This has greatly reduced the amount of time to close out accident investigations. Kieran was clear that this has helped with staying in line with HSA inspectors who tend to be very encouraged by the fact that action reports have been closed out in good time by the health and safety officers.


Some of the prime benefits that Kieran has seen since implementing the software include reduced time, reduced paperwork and the fact that the health and safety software system has made the company much more efficient and engaged with health and safety.


Another area that has seen a large improvement is the documentation of risk assessments. As they were all done on paper before, the software has increased the amount risk assessments while eliminating the need for any paperwork.

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