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An automated approach to your CoSHH assessments

Ensuring your employees are safe while working with hazardous substances is extremely important but it can also be demanding trying to manage all the paperwork.

The CoSHH module lets you manage your assessments across different locations and projects from one place.

CoSHH Assessment Software
Flexible & Configurable

CoSHH assessments for all your organisations needs

  1. Create, share and edit CoSHH assessments and templates with our fully configurable forms
  2. Include precautionary measures for handling chemicals and list required PPE
  3. Attach CoSHH questionnaires and checklists to be completed as part of the assessment
CoSHH Assessment Software
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CoSHH Assessment Software
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Centralised and Accessible

All your organisations CoSHH assessments in one location

  1. Assign and track actions based on CoSHH assessments to your employees
  2. Sort your assessments by Drafts, For Approval, Live and Archived
  3. Integrated with the Chemical Module to pull in the most up-to-date chemical and substance information
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Safety Connected

Connect CoSHH with other modules to unify health and safety in your business:

CoSHH Assessment Software
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Key features

Key Features

  • Risk Assessments

    Task or substance based CoSHH risk assessments

  • Save Time

    Utilise assessment templates to minimise repetition and save time

  • Assessments

    Create and track action plans arising from your assessments

  • Module Integration

    CoSHH module connects with the Chemical and Risk modules

  • User Configurable

    CoSHH Assessment questions are completely user configurable

Trusted by Over 300 Clients Across The Globe

  • 50%

    Reduction in overall Accident Frequency

  • 10

    Factor increase in Near-Miss Reporting

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Read on to discover the difference that our software has made to the team at Future Industrial Services.

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"The system allows you to present the good work you're doing in a very clear and concise way"

  • Matthew Blake
  • Technical & Compliance Director
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What is a COSHH risk assessment?

CoSHH risk assessments focus on the hazards and risks from hazardous substances in the workplace.Under CoSHH regulations employers are legally required to reduce any potential risks to employees health, and CoSHH risk assessments are used if hazardous substances are likely to be encounted.

The aim of a CoSHH risk assessment is to know what potentially hazardous substances are present and how employees could be exposed to them, and what the health effects of these substances could be. Its important to remember that not all potentally hazardous substances will be labelled as such, and can also be a by-product of other work.

What is required for a COSHH assessment?

These are the components of a CoSHH assessment:
- Identifying the hazardous substances
- Identifying the health risks, including who might be harmed and how
- Providing control measures
- Regular reviewing and monitoring to make sure the CoSHH assessment is kept up to date

When should I review my COSHH assessments?

According to the HSE, CoSHH assessments should be regularly reviewed to make sure they are up to date. The time between reviews will depend on what risks are identified, what work is taking place and the likelihood of changes.

For example, if the nature of the work changes significantly the CoSHH assessment should be reviewed immediately. If there is reason to suppose a CoSHH assessment is no longer valid it should be reviewed immediately.

Do I need a COSHH assessment?

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations requires organisations that use or create substances that may cause harm to their employees, to mitigate risk and conduct a COSHH assessment to fulfil their legal requirement.

Where should COSHH sheets be kept?

COSHH sheets, officiallly known as chemical safety data sheets, should be kept in an easily accessible location so that organisations can provide information on chemical products that help users of those chemicals to make a risk assessment. They describe the hazards the chemical presents, and give information on handling, storage and emergency measures in case of accident.

What is COSHH assessment software?

COSHH assessment software helps organisations to manage and standardise their COSHH assessments across all locations, dramtically reducing time spent on related paperwork and in turn, helping to mitigate risk. Engage EHS's COSSH assessment module can help you with with any of your COSSH related challenges.

What are the current COSHH regulations?

The current COSHH regulations requires companies of all sizes that use or create substances that may cause harm to their employees, to carry out a COSHH assessment to fulfil their legal requirement.

is COSH Risk Assessment management software?

CoSHH RA Management software is a tool that monitors and manages the risks associated with hazardous chemicals.

The Engage EHS CoSHH & Chemical Module lets you create fully-configurable task or substance based CoSHH risk assessments. These assessments have both R Phrase and GHS Classifications built in and can be shared easily throughout your organisation.

How can you manage COSHH risk assessments online?

Organisations are commonly using safety software in order to manage hazardous substances and maintain chemical compliance to COSHH requirements. Engage EHS’s COSHH module works with our risk assessment module in order to manage all your chemical information in a single location, accessible to all your employees. Our software also allows the user to create fully-configurable task or substance based COSHH risk assessments.

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