As a leading international manufacturing company, Coveris provides packaging solutions that enhance the safety, quality and convenience of products used every day. In partnership with the most respected brands in the world, Coveris develops vital products that protect everything from food to medical supplies to the touchscreen devices. Coveris currently has locations in 17 countries worldwide and is committed to a ‘safe environment for everyone’.


The result of several company acquisitions and mergers, Coveris UK had some unique challenges when it came to health and safety management. According to Steve Huntsman, Head of UK Health & Safety, the 5 original companies used a mix of different platforms and relied heavily on spreadsheets. This lead to legacy issues such as: confusion around terminology, differing ways of near-miss/ hazard reporting and important documentation being spread over several locations.


There was a clear need to move health and safety management to a central platform, something available to all employees regardless of location. A global tool was needed, with Coveris UK to pilot the solution.


From the initial contact with Effective Software, Steve was very complimentary about the approach of the sales team. They understood what Steve and his team wanted from the start, priced competitively and were almost like customer service in their technical expertise and product knowledge. During the onboarding process the Coveris team had strong communication links with the Customer Success team in Effective. According to Steve, they were looked after and guided through the entire implementation process, making the transition to the new software platform much more seamless.


For Steve, the most obvious result of moving to Effective Software came with the month-end reports. Where it used to take several days to gather the various spreadsheets and elements from different sources, the reports are now completed within hours. The software has also helped to support Coveris’ commitment to proactive safety. In the past 12 months, the LTI rate has reduced by 83%, part of which Steve credits to the Effective platform. Another win is the reduction of their severity rate from 1.8% to 0.3%, again with some credit due to Effective Software.


One of Steve’s favourite aspects of the system is the Observation module, including the Engage mobile reporting app. Getting realtime hazard info and stopping them from becoming accidents has been very important, with over 1500 hazards observed per month and being shared across the organisation. The simplicity of the platform has led to a very positive adoption rate across the business. These new developments are now giving the management and leadership teams ‘a snapshot in time’ of the sites, improving on their positive safety culture.

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