DX, established in 1975, is a leading independent mail, parcels and logistics end to end network operator in the UK and Ireland. They provide proven next day delivery services for mail, parcels and 2-Man deliveries to both  business and residential addresses, for public and private sector companies. In particular, they specialise in next day or scheduled delivery of time sensitive, mission critical and high value items for B2B and B2C customers.



Acting as the former Regional Safety, Health & Environment Advisor within the DX Group, Tony Thompson was tasked with finding a solution to centralising health and safety data across a large number of geographically spread depots. As the leading independent mail, parcels and logistics end to end network operator in the UK and Ireland, the volume of information to relay between employees, centre managers, and directors was tremendous. DX Group was relying on centre managers and manually relayed information to keep track of reported incidents/accidents, training, risk assessments, and other critical health and safety data. The lack of transparency between levels of the organization was resulting in duplications of work and lagging understanding of where their compliance efforts needed to be focused.


The key focus for Tony was to improve the ease and quality of Health & Safety information, while reducing complexity and data duplication. With this objective in mind, the DX Group set about looking for a solution with 3 key requirements including: 1.  A system must be able to function quickly and easily across several locations, 2. Solution needed to provide accessibility to all levels of Health & Safety data, 3. Allow the team to be more pro-active, which would lead to reducing risk.


With Tony’s first task being to find a software solution to centralise all health and safety data, he was delighted with the all-in-one system that Effective Software brought to the table. Before the implementation of the software, if an accident occurred and an investigation was put in place, the likes of training records and risk assessments took a lot of time and effort to pull together.


The improvement of information transfer and oversight had positive effects very early on, as sites were able to track training compliance with real-time information. The DX Group continues to customise Effective Software to suit their growing business – benefiting from being able to track valuable Health & Safety information efficiently, while reducing risk.


Now, at the drop of a hat, the ability is in place to get something like training completely up to standards. In only a few clicks, Tony can see who is trained and who is not. The training module and the clear ability to prove duty of care that comes with it is something Tony is already seeing large value in.


One of the biggest benefits Tony identified was in Effective Software’s functionality and accessibility. The ease of use and ability to access all health and safety data in through the software and across all of their locations were some of Tony’s main objectives.


One challenge Jim and his team were facing before the software was implemented was getting employees on board with health and safety and creating a better culture around it. This would allow Tony and his team to be more pro-active and in turn, would reduce risk.


Tony has also made it clear that the efficiency of the system has allowed auditors to reduce time inspecting and more time educating and progressing with the onward safety journey

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