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Before the implementation of a health and safety software system, Sarah Roper, HSE Manager with ELG Utica Alloys, knew that the system they were using for H&S was out dated and inefficient. Using a paper-based system had proved very cumbersome with data quite hard to find and read with efficiency. Her objective was to find a solution to replace the use of spreadsheets and paper for recording safety procedures in all sites, create one central hub for all safety information and most importantly keep up to date with ISO standards.


Effective provided an easy-to-use cloud based system where Sarah and her team could stay on top of ISO standards, eliminate the use of paper based systems involved with tracking training, risk assessments, accident/incident reporting, near misses reporting, plants, audits and most importantly provide one central hub for all health and safety information.


Since the Effective Software solution was rolled out, Sarah has felt a large amount of satisfaction in conducting her job, with the software allowing ELG Utica Alloys to meet ISO standards. Since the implementation of the software, it has helped them hugely in achieving ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, two goals that Sarah was trying to achieve when choosing a safety software.


Since the implementation of Effective, ELG Utica Alloys has won a Silver RoSPA Award. This accolade, according to Sarah, was because of a lot of factors but noted in the bigger picture, that Effective Software was an important contributor to achieving this award.


One of the first benefits Sarah identified was how quickly the profile of health and safety was raised amongst his work colleagues. She now finds it a lot easier to get everyone involved and contribute to establishing a positive safety culture. This has been done through creating the visibility of actions taken when an accident, incident or near miss are reported. Sarah believes this has resulted in a large increase in reporting on near misses.


The raise in the profile of health and safety in ELG Utica Alloys has also been recognised by Sarah as a very positive result. With continuously more employees gaining admin access and sites in South Africa and Singapore beginning to reap the benefits of the software, the culture around health and safety is slowly but surely getting better.


What Sarah likes most about the software though, is the ability to see all of her reports and safety information in one place. She also values that she and her team can access the safety software anywhere.

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