Some of our Freqently Asked Questions

Effective is a secure cloud solution that offers a centralised processes and document management system. With data replication and backup, the system easily integrates with OSHAS 18001 and other management models.

Some of the modules our software offers are:

Risk management, Training, Plant and Asset Management, COSHH Management, Incident and Accident Reporting, Audits and Inspections, DSE Assessments, Contractor Management, Detailed Reporting & KPI Module and more.

Every organisation, from an SME to a Multi-National Company, is required by law to abide by health and safety regulations in the workplace. Our aim is to provide an effective and efficient management system that is built around the current regulatory standards. We help our clients easily identify, track and actively manage risk across the organisation with our range of modules.

Effective is used across multiple industry sectors such as:

Business Services, Charitable & Non-profit, Construction, Education, Energy & Utilities, Emergency Services, Engineering, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Research & Development, Transport & Logistics, Waste Management and more.

So whatever area you operate in, the Effective system can be tailored to efficiently manage the processes in your sector. You can review our testimonial page to see some of the companies we work with, and how they have found the system beneficial.

Please contact us to find out how you can benefit from using Effective Software in your sector.

We would love to hear from you. Whether you want to arrange an online demonstration, a formal meeting or simply acquire some more detailed information, our team are always happy to help. We can determine the next step for you and establish a solution to meet your needs.

No. Effective is designed to accommodate a wide variety of businesses; there is practically no limit to the number of users the system can manage. We work with SMEs that employ five people and global companies with tens of thousands of employees. No company is too big or small. Effective offers a unique licensing model. If required, it can give access to all your employees to key functions like incident reporting, risk assessments and completing audits. Pricing is directed primarily by the modules that you choose, as well as your business size and support level.

Yes, we consistently strive to make the transition as easy as possible for customers. We have worked with many in-house systems including Human Resource and Personnel Databases, Financial systems and many more, and of course our support team will be on hand if you need assistance through any of the integration.

Whatever business you are, the overall intention of health and safety management is to ensure that a person’s health and safety is never put at risk or damaged.

Being socially responsible for safety and obeying the laws that surround it makes business at the end of the day and can result in reducing incidents in the workplace, improve efficiency and improve your overall business profile.

To ensure that the health and safety of people involved in your business is running smoothly and everyone is being protected, businesses must have a good health and safety management system in place.

All activities in the workplace exposes people to hazards to a certain degree and the reason there are not more incidents and laws broken is because they were prevented by companies and organisations with the right health and safety management systems in place.

Modern health and safety require a lot of regulations and sometimes are perceived as a headache to health and safety professionals but the underlying principals are straightforward.

  • You must have a system in place to manage health and safety. You need to be able to show that you can plan, control and monitor preventative measures.
  • You need to assess risk. Risk assessments are of utmost importance for any businesses with more than five employees. It helps figure out what needs to be done in regards to health and safety in the workplace. With good risk assessments in place, you are ensuring that what harms exist in your business have been identified.
  • You must consistently report and record accidents as they occur.
  • Hazard identification. You must identify anything that could cause harm in the workplace.
  • Risk control measures must be continuously used and maintained so that they continue to work.
  • Provide facilities for first aid.
  • You must let the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Local Authority know that you exist.