GRG is a waste to resource management group headquartered in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. GRG companies are active in the transportation, processing and trading of all forms of waste and focus on processing waste material into reusable resources. They employ over 100 staff operating across the jurisdictions of Guernsey, Jersey and the Cayman Islands.

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Prior to implementation of a health and safety software system, Paul Riseborough, Health and Safety Manager with GRG, understood his manual management processes were cumbersome and out dated. His objective was to find a solution to replace the use of spreadsheets and paper for recording all safety procedures, create one central hub for all safety information, present timely and quality reports to the board at monthly meetings and prove duty of care across all his sites.


Effective provided an easy-to-use cloud based system where Paul and his team could keep track of training, risk assessments, accident/incident reporting, near misses reporting and most importantly provide one central hub for all health and safety information.


Since full implementation of the Effective solution, Paul feels an immense amount of satisfaction and control in conducting his job now. He is recognizing results across all elements of his health and safety procedures.


One of the first benefits Paul identified was how quickly the profile of health and safety was raised amongst his work colleagues. He now finds it a lot easier to get everyone involved and contribute to establishing a positive safety culture. This has been done through creating the visibility of actions taken when an accident, incident or near miss are reported. Paul believes this has resulted in a 90% increase in reporting on near misses.


The raise in profile of health and safety is also recognised amongst department leads. Where monthly meetings used to consist of a very limited focus on health and safety, they are now central to them with clear reports and assessments available to the department heads.


The ability to prove duty of care was also of concern to Paul and his team prior to software implementation. Paul has seen the system work in conjunction with a recent incident involving an employee and the HSE. The Effective system could prove duty of care in their investigation processes. GRG were easily able to show that they had conducted the necessary training and done everything they possibly could, proving that they were not at fault.


Another clear benefit GRG have recognised is the ability to increase the amount of risk assessments conducted. The system has given GRG more opportunities to look at specific processes and run individual risk assessments on them. “We’ve moved forward quite a long way in terms of factual risk assessment”.

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