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Effective Software is the leading provider of health and safety software to food & beverage businesses throughout the UK & Ireland. The food & beverage industry has many unique safety challenges. From reporting incidents and accidents quickly to getting your workforce interested in safety, it is an industry that has to take health and safety seriously. At Effective Software, we understand these challenges and we have made it our job to support you in overcoming them. Through working with companies like yours, we have developed the tools to let your employees report observations and incidents with no time delay, keep audits up-to-date and eliminate document duplication.

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Manufacturing - Incidents

Quick & Simple Incident Reporting

– Report incidents, accidents and hazards using fully configurable forms


– Instantly send email notifications to key administrators – no more time delays


– Attach images, risk assessments, training records and audits to help prove duty of care

Keep Audits & Checklists Up-To Date

– Create and schedule your audits, avoiding document duplication and standardising your audit templates


– Send completed audits and inspections through an in-depth approval process, providing traceability at every stage


– Actions and notifications allow you to escalate an audit if it is not completed.

Manufacturing - Audits
Manufacturing - Mobile

Grow an engaged safety culture

– Record observations anytime, anywhere with the Engage mobile app


– Engage uses a simple social media—style feed to log observations and hazards quickly and in detail.


– Attach images and use the mapping feature to pinpoint the location of hazards easily.

Gain actionable insights from your safety data

– Use the Insights dashboards to get a quick snapshot of compliance across your business


– Subscribe to key reports delivered direct to your inbox


– Automated data integration between modules eliminates duplication

Manufacturing - Insights


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