McAleer & Rushe  CASE STUDY


NAME: McAleer & Rushe


LOCATION: Belfast, Northern Ireland


EMPLOYEES: 300 employees | 3000+ sub-contractors


NO. OF SITES: 25 across UK and Ireland


INDUSTRY: Construction and Engineering


MODULES: Incidents | Audits | Training | Engage

Challenges & Solutions

Up to 200 people using a paper based, in-house system to report hazards

The old system left the potential ‘fudging’ data and filling hazard reports out all at once. Using the Effective Software system has brought live updates on hazards and incidents to Declan McLogan and his team.


No capabilities around Hazard/Incident reporting and tracking

Using Engage, 14,000 hazards have been reported across 25 sites in the UK in the last 12-13 months. The Engage app has allowed for on-the-go hazard reporting, with employees being able to attach images and pinpoint exact locations for their observations.


Little to no analysis of Health and Safety data being done

Under the old system, hazard collecting had become something of a tick—box exercise.  With the Engage app and Incident module, data collected during the week are now fed into a monthly report. Management can now focus on what has gone wrong and areas that need attention.

McAleer and Rushe


Increasing Employee Engagement In Health & Safety

Declan worked closely with the Customer Success team in Effective Software. They took the company’s need to focus on hazard spotting and incident reporting very seriously, and always aimed to support Declan’s team as much as possible. The team work between McAller & Rushe and Effective has been one of the greatest benefits for Declan.


Bringing in Effective Software has also encouraged the workplace safety culture in the company. Employees actively take part in the mobile reporting of hazards, and tracking allows them to see the hazard being acknowledged and repaired. McAleer & Rushe also recognise the top 10 hazard spotters every month. Declan feels strongly that the increased rate of hazard reporting has a direct relationship to the reduction of accidents across the company. Management now have ways to produce accurate monthly reports and can get a quick overview of incidents from all sites using the Insights dashboards.