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Empower your entire workforce to positively engage in near miss capture and promote a safer work environment

Our observations module aims to make the experience of reporting and viewing hazards, near misses and close calls as simple as possible. Using our brand new mobile hazard capture app, Engage, this process is made as efficient and easy as possible. Reporting and viewing observations with your mobile or tablet will greatly reduce the period taken from capture to action. Any real-time insights from capturing observations with Engage will immediately synchronize with the Effective cloud platform. As well as working online, Engage will work offline and silently synchronise in the background when connection is available. Integrating with our cloud platform allows for timely follow-up actions and assessments. With Engage, employees are encouraged to engage positively with health & safety. This in turn, promotes a safer workplace.

Key Features Include

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Simply capture an observation or near miss

Easily capture rich data including location, images and customer’s own custom categories from Effective Cloud Platform

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Modern social design

Simple card-based view enables you to search and sort cards with ease

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Synchronise all data with the Effective Cloud Platform

Works online and offline, silently synchronising in background when connection is available

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Create actions anytime, anywhere

Report and view actions derived from observation or near miss capture

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Support user engagement

Pin code access – helps support wide user engagement across organisation without login

Key Benefits Include

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Ensuring you have the right information at the right time is a challenge faced by many companies. Using your mobile or tablet to capture hazards, near misses and close calls allows you to eliminate paperwork and immediately send observations to one centralised location. This immediacy results in less time wasted on activities that do not produce actionable insights and allows the right information.


Completely user configurable, our team will work with you at implementation to ensure the system is set up to best match your process and workflow, while ensuring you have the ability as administrators to edit and update any of the configurable settings. This means a change in process does not mean you need start again with a new development project.


Understanding your organisations training statistics and KPI’s gives you the power to ensure your employees are trained correctly, reducing lost time and ensuring a safe and secure working environment.

Effective allows you to move away from reactive reporting with instant data and statistics providing the tools to proactively change behaviour.


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