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Before working with Oil States, Jim Dunsmuir, QHSE Manager, had used a cloud based health and safety system where all health and safety documentation was in one centralized location. This was Jim’s first indication that the system Oil States were using for health and safety was outdated and inefficient. Before the implementation of Effective’s software system, Jim and his team were using a lot of Excel spreadsheets and paper to record their safety procedures. Jim knew this was neither time-effective nor cost-effective.


Effective provided a cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud based system where Jim and his team could keep track of risk assessments, auditing, CoSHH, training, accident/incident reporting, near misses reporting and most importantly, the ability to provide one central location for all health and safety information.


One of the initial benefits Jim identified with the cloud based software was in the implementation stage. Jim noted that the training into the system was very important to him and his team. He felt this was done efficiently and quickly.


The feature Jim likes most about Effective’s cloud based system is the interconnectivity between all the available modules. Before the implementation of the software, if an accident occurred and an investigation was put in place, the likes of training records and risk assessments took a lot of time and effort to pull together. Now, at the drop of a hat, the ability is in place to get something like training completely up to standards. In only a few clicks, Jim can see who is trained and who is not. The training module and the clear ability to prove duty of care that comes with it is something Jim is already seeing dividends in.


One challenge Jim and his team were facing before the software was implemented was getting employees on board with health and safety and creating a better culture around it. Although still a challenge, Jim highlighted that because the software was so intuitive to use, it has since become a lot less work to get other employees committed and engaged with health and safety.


Another area Jim has seen a big change in is in tracking. He highlighted the benefit of being able to see all actions appear in one module. This way, actions can be tracked back to where they originated from.


The ability to prove duty of care was also of great concern to Jim and his team prior to software implementation. With Effective Software, Jim has noticed a clear improvement in the time and effort saved during the process of proving duty of care.

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