One51 comprises two operating businesses, OnePlastics Group and ClearCircle Environmental. They focused on environmental services and plastics together with an investment portfolio in renewable energy. One51 employs over 900 people in Ireland, the United Kingdom and China across 22 locations.

One51 ES Metals (Galway Metals)


Kieran Thompson, former Group EHS Manager of One51 PLC, an international group comprising of three operating businesses focused on environmental services and plastics. Kieran was looking at ways to consolidate all Health & Safety documentation and processes from 26 companies across the UK and Ireland in one place. He wanted to control Health & Safety activities from Head Office, whilst still allowing individual companies access and the ability to manage their needs.


Prior to implementing Effective Software, One51 had a system that wasn’t communicating efficiently. In-house safety managers relied on emails and Excel to complete risk assessments, while Kieran spent a great deal of time traveling between the 26 sites for the management of incident investigations. The key focus for Kieran and his team was to improve the ease and quality of H&S information, while reducing complexity and data duplication. With this objective in mind, One51 set about looking for a solution with 4 key requirements:

  1. It had to be easy to use within all levels within the organisation.
  2. Streamline the incident reporting and investigation process.
  3. Allow the team to be more pro-active, which would lead to reducing risk.
  4. Reduce Costs (EHS travel, incident investigation, insurance, etc.)


One51 PLC have benefited from being able to track valuable EHS information efficiently, while reducing risk for their employees and company. The system exceeded their expectations, as proven by a recent evaluation which gave 100% satisfaction score in terms of ease of use by approximately 100 end users.


The system has also brought a much more improved engagement and motivation around Health & Safety, with employees taking a lot more responsibility at their individual levels. This creates a much more proactive and efficient take on Health & Safety.

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