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Permit To Work Software

Permit To Work Software

Coming Q3 2019

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The Effective Software Permit To Work Software solution will provide an all-in-one online system to manage your work permits.

Requesting work permits by your employees or contractors from their computers or mobile devices couldn’t be easier with our brand new online permit to work software system. You can easily request, create and issue work permits online. Looking for paperwork during an audit is now a problem of the past. Don’t get caught chasing paperwork.

We are coming closer and closer to the launch of our permit to work software so please enter your email below to receive a notification for when it is ready to demonstrate.

Key features

Key Features

  • Create Schedules

    Create schedules or complete audits ad-hoc

  • Unlimited Users

    No restriction on the number of users to complete audits and actions online

  • Complete Reports

    Complete reports on the move with all data syncing back to the central system instantly for metrics, reports and analysis

  • Raise & Track

    Raise and track actions against each audit.

  • Fully Configurable

    Fully configurable Permit To Work templates

  • Email Notifications

    Notify managers immediately when a permit request is submitted for approval

  • Mobile Compatibility

    Mobile and tablet compatibility provides easy mobile access for employees and senior management

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