Permit To Work Software

The Effective Software Permit To Work Software solution will provide an all-in-one online system to manage your work permits. Requesting work permits by your employees or contractors from their computers or mobile devices couldn’t be easier with our brand new online permit to work software system. You can easily request, create and issue work permits online. Looking for paperwork during an audit is now a problem of the past. Don’t get caught chasing paperwork.
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Permit To Work Features

Effective Software Features Create Schedules Icon
Create schedules

Create schedules or complete audits ad-hoc.

Effective Software Features Unlimited Users Icon
Unlimited Users

No restriction on the number of users to complete audits and actions online.

Effective Software Features Complete Records Icon
Complete reports

Complete reports on the move with all data syncing back to the central system instantly for metrics, reports and analysis.

Effective Software Features Actions Tracking Icon
Raise and track

Raise and track actions against each audit.

Effective Software Features Fully Customizable Icon
Fully configurable

Fully configurable Permit To Work templates.

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Email Notiffications

Notify managers immediately when a permit request is submitted for approval.

Effective Software Features Mobile Icon
mobile compatibility

Mobile and tablet compatibility provides easy mobile access for employees and senior management.

Key Benefits Include
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Fully user configurable, you can create all the templates you need in our easy to use template editor. Schedule reports to specific users or make them available for anyone to use directly from their own device. Our team will work with you to ensure the system is set up to best match your processes while ensuring you have the ability to edit and update any of the configurable settings.
Risk Assessment Software | Effective Software | Benefits


Streamlining your audit reporting process allows you to eliminate paper and immediately send completed inspections to one centralised location. Therefore no lost papers, no duplication and less time wasted on low value activities.


Utilising our mobile application empowers your employees to access and control your audit reporting process on the move, saving time, improving efficiency and eliminating duplication. The applications intuitive functionality includes features such as GPS tracking when completing inspections, image uploading, bar-code scanning and physical signature capture.

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