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Plant Management Software

Ensuring your plant and assets are certified, inspections are completed, maintenance schedules maintained and all that information is collated and managed correctly can be incredible tedious and time consuming. With our intelligent, Plant & Asset Management Software module, you can quickly create and manage records, and easily share data and reports.


All your maintenance certification can be kept and tracked in one place, whether for regulatory testing plant inspections, PAT testing of electrical equipment or any maintenance or testing schedule. With centralised tracking, you can review all information on a specific piece of plant or equipment instantly. You can track multiple testing cycles and certifications, store test records, and link your risk assessments. This service history and related incidents data gives you a detailed record of each of your assets. Additionally, by utilising our inspection and check list module and our mobile app (iOS and Android), your maintenance solution can be paperless, mobile and available for completion online or offline.

Key Features Include

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Certification Tracking

Simply track certification and testing for all company assets.

Effective Software Features Actions Tracking Icon
Actions Tracking

Create and track actions against each record.

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Central Storage

Store all testing certificates centrally with your asset records.

Effective Software Features Flexible Integrations Icon
Mobile and Module Integration

Integrate with the Audit, Incident and Risk modules and the Effective mobile application.

Effective Software Features Traffic Light Matrix
Clear Asset Register

Simple visual asset register with traffic light indicators.

Effective Software Features Complete Records Icon
Clear Documentation

Attach relevant documentation and certificates to plant records.

Effective Software Features Record Data Icon
Reoccurring Asset Inspections

Create multiple components and reoccurring inspections for any one asset.

Effective Software Features Group Icon
Easy Delegation

Delegate control and ownership of assets.

Key Benefits Include

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Completely user configurable, our team will work with you to ensure the system is set up to best match your process and workflow, while ensuring you have the ability as administrators to edit and update any of the configurable settings.


Efficient integration with our audit, incident and risk modules along with our mobile application will allow you to easily tag your plant to relevant incidents, schedule checklists through our audit module and utilising our risk module to attach risk assessments. This is proven to reduce time and build and effective plant profile.


All your statutory & maintenance certification can be kept and tracked in one place. With centralised tracking, you can review all information on a specific piece of plant or equipment instantly.

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