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<200 employees

Pricing depends on company employee size and number of modules chosen.

  • Web-based onboarding
  • Action Management
  • Notifications
  • Email & Webchat support
  • Document Library


<2000 employees

Pricing depends on company employee size and number of modules chosen.

  • Onsite onboarding
  • Rebranded front-end site
  • Phone, email and webchat support
  • Biannual business review


2000+ employees

Pricing depends on company employee size and number of modules chosen.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Onsite success workshops and training
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Invitation to System innovation Council


Engage Mobile App
Mobile App

Our mobile safety app Engage allows you to capture and share imagery, locations and custom categories across your safety system, anytime, anywhere.

Effective software actions
Actions & Notifications

Our powerful and configurable notification platform allows users to automate notifications to alert managers and admin users when incidents are reported.

Effective Software Features Clear Reporting Dashboards Icon

The Reporting feature enables automated data integration between modules to eliminate duplicated information. Data syncs back to the central system instantly for metrics, reports and analysis.

Effective Software Features Help Center Icon
Help Centre

Users can browse through FAQ’s on our entire product module range with helpful tips and videos. Users can raise tickets for any technical requests or questions they may have.

Effective Software Features Group Insights Icon
Customer Events & Webinars

Users get premier access to our customer events, tip of the week emails and webinars. We always listen to your feedback and use it make the system as efficient as possible.

Effective Software Features Org Chart Icon
Organisation Chart

Users can update or change employee access levels at the click of a button. The Organisation Chart holds a full historical record of all ex-employees, giving security of information.

Effective Software Features Document Library Icon
Document Library

The Document Library allows you to store all company documents in one central location. Users can track expiry or review dates, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Effective Software Features Regular Updates Icon
Regular Updates

Our technical team works closely with our customer success team to discuss system requests from our customers in order to drive continuous improvements.