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Client Success Stories - ELG Utica Alloys

Client Success Stories - ELG Utica Alloys

Client Success Stories - ELG Utica Alloys

Name: ELG Utica Alloys

Location: South Yorkshire (UK Headquarters) 

Employees: 100

No. of Sites: Worldwide operations, 2 sites in the UK

Industry: Manufacturing

Modules: Audits, Incidents, Training, Plant 

Description: ELG Utica Alloys is one of the world's leading specialists in revert management, and high-performance alloys and metals. They process, source and supply high-performance alloys and metals for customers across the globe.

Client Success Stories - ELG Utica Alloys

Challenges facing ELG Utica Alloys


Lack of Accountability

Before Engage EHS, accountability was a key issue for Sarah Roper, Environment, Health and Safety Manager at ELG Utica Alloys. With no system in place, responsibility for tasks such as repair work or mantenance was passed from team to team. 

Using the Engage EHS system, Sarah and the safety team can easily assign tasks out to employees. Tasks can be tracked and if there is an issue completing them, Sarah and the team are informed straight away.


An ineffcient, paper-based system

Using a paper-based system had proved very cumbersome with data hard to find and interpret. They had been managing over 2000 risk assessments, and tracking down reports and documentation was extremely time consuming.

Now, all information relating to risk assessments, CoSHH, method statements and training can be found in one centrally accessible location. Employees also now know where they can find the relevant safety documentation


Lack of buy-in from employees

It wasn't easy getting employees invested in health and safety. H&S wasn't well understood and employees didn't see the rationale for certain decisions. The prevailing view was 'don't get caught doing anything wrong'. 

Using the Engage EHS system has opened up safety to everyone in the organisation. Employees can see the risk assessments, method statements and all other documentation, meaning task arr completed quicker.

"Because we have set all these systems up, even if I don't come into work tomorrow, we're going to be H&S compliant"
  • Sarah Roper
  • Environment, Health and Safety Manager
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A User-friendly safety system

A key benefit that the Engage EHS system has brought to Sarah is its ease of use. The simple, intuitive design means that introducing employees to the software is simple.

This reduces the chance of employee resistance to adoption. As employees can now see tasks that have been assigned to them and receive email notifications when they are overdue, important tasks are now dealt with much faster.


Improving accountability across the board

One of the biggest improvements Sarah has seen is employees taking ownership of safety tasks across all departments. Before, there had been a tendancy for such things to be pushedback to the safety team. Now there is the understanding that everyone has a role to play in keeping the workplace safe.

This means that bottlenecks of uncompleted tasks that used to form are no longer an issue. Now, employees know exactly what they have to do and why they have to do it.


Supporting accreditation

Since its introduction, the software has aided ELG Utica Alloys in meeting ISO standards. Since the implementation of the software, it has helped them hugely in achieving ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, two goals that Sarah was trying to achieve when choosing a safety software. 

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