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Client Success Stories - Oil States Industries

Client Success Stories - Oil States Industries

Client Success Stories - Oil States Industries

Name: Oil States Industries 

Location: Aberdeen (UK Headquarters)


No. of Sites: 25 International locations, 4 in the UK

Industry: Mining, Oil and Gas

Modules: Permit to Work, Incidents, Audits, Risk, Training, Contractors, Chemical & CoSHH, PPE, Plant

Description: Oil States Industries is a major global provider of integrated energy systems and solutions. They provide the means for customers to build and operate high-performance offshore fields. They deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet drilling and workover, production, lifting and mooring challenges.

Client Success Stories - Oil States Industries

Challenges facing Oil States Industries


Relying on paper and spreadsheets for safety procedures

Before Engage EHS, the safety team at Oil States Industries were relying on paper and Excel spreadsheets to record their safety data. This was proving to be both inefficient and costly for Jim Dunsmuir (former QHSE Manager) and the H&S team.


No single source of truth for safety data

The lack of a centralised solution meant that risk assessments, audits, checklists, training records, accident/ incident reports and plant records remained separate and scattered.

The modules in the Engage EHS software system are interconnected, meaning that data is shared between them. If an incident occurs, the H&S team can quickly see what training the involved parties had, what risk assessments were performed, when a piece of plant had been inspected etc.


Lack of training oversight

A paper focused system meant that keeping track of training records and viewing training compliance was not easy.  

The Engage EHS Training module gives the H&S team a complete view of employee training throughout the entire organisation. Management are kept informed of when training certificates are due to expire and whether a training course has been completed.                                                                        

"The hole we had in our system was with training. Now the Training Module is where we are seeing dividends"
  • Jim Dunsmuir
  • Former QHSE Manager
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A system that grows with Oil States Industries

According to Matt Askham, UK HSE Manager, the adaptability and user-friendly nature of the Engage EHS system went a long way to encouraging its adoption with employees. As more data has been added to the system, Matt and the H&S team have a greater idea of where resources need to be concentrated and traceability has improved.

Others within the business are taking initiative with using the system, for example using the Plant Module to record repairs to machinery. This indicated to Matt and his team that more people are using the system and configuring it to suit their needs.

Successful adoption of the software has also been seen in the rolling out of the Engage mobile app. Employees are now using the app to quickly and easily log observations, leading to an increase in live reporting.

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