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DX Group Case Study

DX Group Case Study

Improving the ease of access and quality of Health & Safety information

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DX Group Case Study

Name: DX Group

Location: Slough (Headquarters)

Employees: 1,001-5,000 employees

No. of Sites: 70 locations, operates throughout the UK and Ireland

Industry: Package/Freight Delivery

Modules: Training

DX Group Case Study

Challenges & Solutions

Managing Health and Safety across many locations

With 70 locations throughout the UK and Ireland, gathering safety data was a key issue with DX Group. With the Engage EHS system, they can now easily access all health and safety data through the safety software and across all of their locations.


Keeping track of all Health and Safety data manually

Sites are now able to track training compliance with real-time information. In only a few clicks, the team can see who is trained and who is not.


Improving the workplace safety culture

Getting employees onboard and engaged with health and safety was another issue that had to be overcome. With Engage EHS' functionality and accessibility, now all employees can participate through risk assessments and reporting hazards

"The efficiency of this smart system has allowed Auditors to reduce time inspecting and spend a greater amount of time educating and progressing with the onward safety journey"
  • Tony Thompson
  • Regional Safety, Health & Environment Advisor
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Improving the ease of access and quality of Health & Safety information

The key focus for Tony Thompson, Regional Safety, Health & Environment Advisor at DX Group, was to improve the ease and quality of Health & Safety information, while reducing complexity and data duplication. Before the implementation of the software, if an accident occurred and an investigation was put in place, the likes of training records and risk assessments took a lot of time and effort to pull together.

Now, at the drop of a hat, the ability is in place to get the likes of training completely up to standard. The training module and the clear ability to prove duty of care that comes with it is something Tony is already seeing large value in.

One of the biggest benefits Tony identified was in Engage EHS' functionality and accessibility. The ease of use and ability to access all health and safety data in through the software and across all of their locations were some of Tony’s main objectives when taking on the project.

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