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Fife College Case Study

Fife College Case Study

Fife College Case Study

Name: Fife College

Location: Dunfermline, Fife (Headquarters)

Employees: 1001 - 5000

No. of Sites: 10 campuses

Industry: Education

Modules: Audits, Incidents, Risk, Training, Plant, Chemicals


Alastair, Health and Safety Manager for the college was in need of a health and safety management system that was robust and scalable enough to meet demanding standards and requirements. Fife College were missing a system that was easy to use, one that captures information in real time and can track trends before they become an incident. One of the most important aspects that was missing in Alastair’s opinion was the lack of access to real time reports so he could spend his time focusing on driving new health and safety initiatives throughout the college.



The Engage EHS team worked tightly with Alastair and his Health and Safety officers to craft the correct solution plan for the needs of the college. We held a number of online webinars and had onsite meetings to carry out training and solidify project plans and objectives.

"It has been truly uplifting to deal with an organisation that has the customer at the centre of how they run their business"
  • Alastair Leadbetter
  • Health and Safety Manager
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Implementation was a step Alaister found went very efficiently and within a 6 week span, the college was already managing all health and safety needs through the Engage EHS management system.

Some of the initial benefits Alastair and his team at Fife College have seen since implementing the Engage EHS system include the total buy in by staff. This was a challenge Alastair was facing before the software was implemented. He found it difficult in getting employees on board with health and safety and creating a better culture around it. The staff in Fife College are now engaging with health and safety as they find the software easy to use and with information readily available, it doesn’t require as much manual effort as it did before. 

Alastair made it clear that the safety software allows him to more accurately report on all areas of health and safety without having to spend days generating reports that are out of date by the time the report is complete.

Alastair noted how much he has valued his interactions with the Engage EHS customer success team and greatly appreciates the work they put in to maintain a strong relationship.

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