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Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

  • 50%

    Reduction in overall Accident Frequency

  • 10

    Factor increase in Near-Miss Reporting

Client Success Stories - Future Industrial Services

Name: Future Industrial Services

Location: Liverpool (UK Headquarters) 

Employees: 200

No. of Sites: 14-15 Sites across the UK

Industry: Utilities

Modules: Incidents, Audits, Risk, Training, Mobile, Plant and Contractors

Description: Future Industrial Services Limited offers a wide range of Waste Management and specialised Industrial Services. This includes industrial cleaning, emergency spillage response, decommissioning and decontamination requirements.

Challenge 1: Excessive admin work for employees

Before Engage EHS, Future Industrial Service were managing health and safety on a mainly paper and spreadsheet - based system. This created excessive admin work for employees. 

Using the Engage EHS system of modules, processes such as incident reporting, completing risk assessments and tracking training are now automated, freeing employees to focus on their jobs.

Challenge 2: Difficulty collating documents across multiple locations

Multiple locations across the country meant that sourcing safety documents was a time-consuming task. 

The Engage EHS system provided Future Industrial Services with a centralised, online system that enabled them to connect their safety processes across the entire business. 

Challenge 3: Little to no reporting capabilities

According to Matthew Blake, Technical & Compliance Director at Future Industrial Services, the fragmented system they were using made it difficult to report on the data they were collecting. 

With the Engage EHS Insights feature giving them greater visibility of their data, they can now easily spot safety trends across the business.

"The system allows you to present the good work you're doing in a very clear and concise way"
  • Matthew Blake
  • Technical & Compliance Director
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Centralisation of Health & Safety

One of the most important benefits that the system has had for Future Industrial Services is the centralisation of all their safety documentation. 

From a time-saving standpoint, Matthew and QHSE Coordinator Heather Briggs no longer have to waste time looking for documents scattered over several locations. When ISO Audits crop up, compliance documents are easy to find and review.

Vitally, this centralisation means that the H&S team have total control over the approved safety documentation that is accessed by employees. This level of control means that they no longer have to worry about confusion over 3 different versions of the same document.

A shift in overall safety culture

Another significant benefit for Future Industrial Services has been the overall shift in their safety culture. Mobile reporting has encouraged employees to increase their reporting of hazards and near-misses. It is the frontline staff that face hazards and near-misses, so getting them to adopt the reporting system was vital.

The results of this increase in reporting has been:

  • Reduced overall accident frequency by more than half over the last 2 years
  • Reduced LTI frequency 4 fold

Overtime, the health and safety team have been able to refine their reporting parametres. This means that despite the increase in reporting, the H&S team and General Managers are not overwhelmed with information. 

One important component of this change in safety culture is the buy-in of the senior management. The businesses safety record is hugely important for Future Industrial Services, and the emphasis on safety is seen at all levels of the organisation. 

Proving the value of safety

The Insights and Reporting functionality of the Engage EHS system has made it easy for the H&S team to provide the board with a snapshot of safety across all 15 of their sites. They can show the numbers of incidents and near-misses reported, and how they have responded to them. This emphasis on safety data has aided in getting senior level support for numerous safety initiatives.

At Future Industrial Services, health and safety is simply part of good governance. Their safety record is one of their main selling points, again underpinning its value to the business.

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