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Risk Assessment Software

Risk Assessment Software

Mitigate Risk and standardise your approach to risk management

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Gain an unprecedented oversight of risk in your organisation with the Risk Assessments module. 

Manage risk mitigation and control measure implementation in one place, while also clearly informing employees of the risks they face during work. 

Centralised and Accessible

No more trying to keep track of dozens of similar RA’s 

  1. Create, share and edit risk assessments and templates with our configurable forms 
  2. Every employee can participate in the assessment process, adding valuable expertise 
  3. All your data located in one place, available as you need it 
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Show Duty of Care

Make sure you know who has received relevant risk training 

  1. Training matrix lets you schedule employees in for training on live risk assessments 
  2. Immediately see whether risk training has been completed 
  3. Approval process prior to assessments being set live gives you quality control of information 
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Increased Oversight

Quickly see risk compliance for your entire organisation 

  1. Easily view risk assessment data for your business using the Live Insights Dashboard 
  2. Sort by Shared, For Approval, Review Required, Under Review and Live risk assessments 
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Notifications and Actions

Never let another risk assessment expire or miss a renewal 

  1. Send notifications via email to employees when RA needs to be completed/ reviewed 
  2. Assign and track actions to employees 
  3. Create, track and report on actions for control measures that are not in place 
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Safety Connected 

The Risk Assessments module connects with other core modules in the following ways: 

  1. Plant Management Software: Link Risk Assessments to the Plant & Assets module, enabling you to attach risk assessments to pieces of plant and machinery.  
  2. Incident Management Software: Pull risk assessments when an incident occurs and attach them to incident reports
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Key features

Key Features

  • Risk Calculator

    Configurable calculator and scoring system

  • Templates & Assessments

    Create assessments from scratch or make use of templates and shared risk assessments

  • Control Measures

    Identify current and future control measures.

  • Visual Risk Assessments

    Add images and attachments for visual risk assessments for easier understanding and education

  • Risk Training

    Track risk training across your organisation using a simple matrix

  • Unlimited Access

    Unlimited access points for your employees to create risk assessments and submit for approval

Risk Risk
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Add-On Features

Get more out of your Risk Assessment module with these add-on features

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TruckEast Case Study

TruckEast Case Study

After being with their original software provider for 14 years, it was time for TruckEast to make a change. According to Helen Moore, Compliance and Human Resources General Manager at TruckEast, they were encountering numerous issues with the software, ranging from its dated appearance to poor system compatibility.

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Risk Truck East
I get the feeling that (Engage EHS) actively want us to use the system as much as we can and it’s nice that (they) don’t just sell you something and walk away
  • Helen Moore
  • Compliance and Human Resources General Manager at TruckEast Ltd.
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What Is A Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessments are at the core of health and safety management. Businesses are legally obliged to carry out risks assessments in their workplace regardless of their size. This guarantees a written record of a risk assessments is kept at all times. Several people are easily discouraged by the necessity of risk assessments and find them quite unwieldy and difficult to do.

In a nutshell, risk assessments are looking closely at what activities or aspects of your structure could potentially cause harm to your visitors or workforce. From a risk assessment, control measures can be established to avoid potential incidents and lower risk.

What Is Risk Assessment Software?

Identifying potential risks and establishing risk reduction plans are crucial tasks in health and safety management. Risk assessment software was developed to ensure full control of the risk assessment lifecycle. The software enables your workforce to create, share and manage risk assessment tasks, data and reports.

It can be really helpful in automatically sharing risk assessment tasks and reports with applicable employees and management to give them all the information they need at the touch of a button. Nowadays, the latest systems are completely user configurable and vendors ensure that the system is set up to fit with your process and workflow. This can help with any fear of starting again with a new development project.

Why do I need a risk assessment software?

Streamlining the risk assessment process and automating your action plans reduces your staff time spent on low value activities and room for potential human error. You can adapt your risk rating calculation methods to your needs, create a range of templates and assessments to share with your workforce. Understanding your organisations risk assessment statistics and KPI’s gives you the power to identify potential risk hotspots, guarantee control measures are implemented and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Why Are Risk Assessments Important In Health And Safety?

Basically, risk assessments are in place to alleviate or lower the possibility of harming your workforce and visitors of your workplace so at its core it is essential. The best way to prevent an incident is to identify the steps that cause the incident and take actions to prevent those steps from taking place.

Risk Assessments not only ensure a safe workplace, but they can save on large amount of expenses that could result from a compensation claim or the resulting insurance premiums. With the Health and Safety Executive reporting 147 work-related victims in the UK alone in 208/19, the need of safety in the workplace is more crucial than ever. Safety guidelines are getting more and more strict in tackling breaches of health and safety legislation.

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reduction in the Lost Time Injury rate at Coveris