The SFPA was established under the provisons of the Sea-Fisheries and Maritime Jurisdiction Act 2006 and is Ireland’s competent authority for Seafood Safety and Sea-Fisheries Protection.  The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority is committed to the effective and fair regulation of the seafishing and seafood sectors that fall within our mandate. This means all fishing vessels operating within Irelands 200‐mile limit, Irish fishing vessels wherever they operate, and all seafood produced in Ireland wherever it is marketed.



We spoke with Barry O’Halloran, Health and Safety Manager for SFPA about SFPA’s transition from a paper-based system to our software system. Following its establishment in 2007, the Sea Fishery Protection Authority (SFPA) embarked on a programme of developing a proactive health, safety and welfare package to meet the needs of all personnel from ‘scratch’. As is usual in this type of programme, the level, depth and accuracy of record development and maintenance is very high. Prior to Effective Software, all of SFPA’s records and all elements of H&S management assistance were predominantly based on a very resource heavy and time consuming paper based system.


What brought Barry to choose Effective Software came from “word-of-mouth” experiences from users in other organisations. Some of the most important contributors to choosing Effective included the ease of data input, the presentation of information, the potential within the service offering for developing a ‘one stop shop’ for all of their H&S management needs, and the level of customer service available to users. Barry made it clear that all of the above were met and are still the reason they choose Effective Software as their health and safety provider.


Barry made it clear that SFPA’s experience from the implementation to the continuous first-class service from our customer success team has been nothing but very positive.


With Effective Software in place, the SFPA now maintains very timely and accurate training, plant service, and up-to-date information (i.e. in-date versions of our safety statement, all policies, procedures, guidelines and advisories) which is available across the SFPA.


Barry explained that the software has produced much more accurate records, financial planning and budgeting. It has allowed for timely planning of all training and plant maintenance with continually consistent records. These are easily made available for all management briefings and meetings throughout the year.


Barry doesn’t have just one favourite aspect of using the software, but a mix of different aspects. All aspects  ensure that all of the necessary health and safety information is contained on one site and is retrievable, displayable and easily understood. This has facilitated an easy interrogation to allow for planning and budgeting. In addition, the site provides a ready reckoner of overall SFPA compliance.


Overall, the accuracy and the speed of information retrieval was hampered by very ‘hit and miss’ information input practices before. Now, as Barry made clear Effective Software has completely increased productivity and reduced a large amount of time taken to manage health and safety data.

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