For more than 165 years, Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) has stood for innovative strength, a passion for technology, sustainability, responsibility and an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence. As of September 30, 2015, they have around 348,000 employees worldwide. Orders totalled €82.3 billion and revenue was €75.6 billion in fiscal 2015. They operate in 289 major production and manufacturing plants worldwide. In addition, they have office buildings, warehouses, research and development facilities or sales offices in almost every country in the world.

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Before implementing our safety software solution, Michael Armitage, EHS Manager noted how Siemens had a lot of business units using different systems for the recording of EHS events. There was a clear need for a more efficient system for managing EHS data which would fit both client and divisional reporting requirements. The biggest issue with each business unit using a different H&S system was that a lot of them were using old databases and in some cases, Excel spreadsheets. Risk assessments, inspections and audits, method statements and training all sat separately with little or no interaction.


Michael made it clear that in choosing Effective Software as their safety software of choice, he valued a system that was cost-effective and that the functionality of the system was as efficient and easy-to-use as possible. He also valued a system that could grow with Siemens, to meet their needs and to have universal access across all their business units.


One of the initial benefits Michael identified was with implementation. As with any system they had implemented in the past, it is very important that they communicate clearly their needs and wants. Michael noted how they changed their requirements throughout the implementation phase, but on each occasion Effective reacted positively to these changes and helped them reach their objectives.


Since implementation, Michael made it clear that the software has allowed for the aggregation of data from various sources, allowing accident investigators instant access to training records and risk assessments. It has allowed the right data to be available to the right people on a self serve basis.


Michael was a big fan of our mobile app. The mobile app has allowed for greater analysis of inspections and audits, helping them to focus our resources in areas that will provide the best EHS outcomes.  This data is also available for our clients helping create stronger areas of trust in our quality and EHS performance.


The functionality and ease of use of the system has helped Michael and his team in many areas. The information is presented in such a way that areas of concern can be easily identified.  This has enabled them to close areas of concern proactively rather than waiting for an event to occur, all possible with a reduction in the administrative burden.


Michael’s favourite part of using the system is the ease in which the data can be filtered and analysed to provide the information required in an efficient manner. He also likes how the notification system allows managers to know what is going on without having to go into the system and the interaction between modules rather than different datasets being single entities.

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