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Our Health & Safety Software Solution

Our Health and Safety Software is a centralised, cloud based Health and Safety Management platform that makes it easier to manage and share compliance data, tasks and actions throughout an entire organisation. The system allows you to quickly create and assign tasks, easily share updates and reports, and monitor the status of all compliance activities at a glance. An intelligent solution, with the flexibility to meet your needs today and tomorrow.


Reduce Risk

Deliver continuous improvement (Plan, Do, Check,
Act) with control and visibility at every step of the cycle.

Create a safer working environment.

Reducing the risk of adverse events, reputational damage, penalties and litigation.


Access trusted information

Simply manage your safety data in one centralised location.

Real time data collection and insights into what’s happening in your company.

Drive improvement plans with leading indicators and analytics


Get Proactive

Gain insight to your safety performance and invest more time on high value activities.

Make sure actions are followed up and closed out from anywhere.

Promote a zero harm safety culture with more time for planning and control.


Save Time & Money

Cut the paperwork, get off the spreadsheets.

Improve productivity through improved morale and reduced lost time.

Improve bottom line from reduced insurance premiums and legal fees. Promote business growth.


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Your Effective Journey

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You are investigating what Health & Safety Software is all about.

Why ?

Why are others using Health & Safety Software and what is it? What are the benefits?

Who's Involved ?

Your Health & Safety team and Effective Software's Marketing Team.


Go online and register for a Webinar, download Case Study & Whitepapers or check out industry related Blogs. Attend Trade Shows.


Our Marketing team provides a wealth of resources to ensure you're informed: Webinars, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Blog, Success Stories and Exhibiting at Trade Shows.


You have confirmed that you are implementing a Health & Safety Software system and want to make sure you choose the right fit solution. Active investigation is crucial to choose the best option for you.

Why ?

What is the Effective Software Health & Safety solution.? Why is our solution the best option? What is the cost? What is the business justification/ROI for this software? How quickly can it be implemented?

Who's Involved ?

Your Health & Safety function, Executive Sponsor, Procurement, Finance, IT and Senior Management sign off. Effective Software's Sales team.


Go online and request a demo. Have a tailored demo built. Do a business justification. Receive pricing and proposal. Contract review. Contract signature.


Our Sales team will provide you with expert Software Demos, Business Justification, Proposals, Tenders and Contracts.


You are striving for improved performance from your chosen software system and looking to implement additional beneficial functionality.

Why ?

What else is available in the Effective Software solution? What additional modules or functionality can I use? How can I engage my organisation to become more safety savvy? What is our road map for success?

Who's Involved ?

Your Health & Safety function and Executive Sponsor, Effective Software's Customer Success and Product Development team.


Handover to Customer Success team for project management. On-boarding and data migration. Training. Go-live. Gain access to support.


Our Customer Success and Product Business team will provide Business Reviews, Customer Success Events, User Community Forum, Product Road map, and Customer Advocacy Program.


You are implementing a solution and accessing support and training for organisational system roll out.

Why ?

How do we implement a system successfully? What are my project tasks? What are the timelines? What data do I need to provide? Can you migrate my existing data?

Who's Involved ?

Your Health & Safety function, Effective Software's Customer Success team.


Handover to Customer Success team for project management. On-boarding and data migration. Training. Go-live. Gain access to support.


Our Customer Success and Marketing team will provide On-Boarding & Masterclass Webinars, Expert Training.. Project Planning Meetings and Newsletters.

Why Effective Software?

Effective is the product of a happy marriage; we’ve blended seasoned compliance people with brilliant technology people to develop our solution, a health and safety software. We are trusted by progressive organisations globally to manage compliance in such areas as health and safety, quality and environment. Whatever your sector, be it logistics, education, oil and gas, pharma, manufacturing, construction, public services, housing, engineering – our ‘hands on’ industry experience enables us to quickly and clearly understand your particular needs and configure our platform to precisely fit your requirements.

Risk Assessment Software | Effective Software | Benefits


The system is extremelyconfigurable.

Out of the box functionality that can be tailored to your requirements.

Also, we are easy to do business with.

Risk Assessment Software | Effective Software | Benefits


We pride ourselves on how quickly we can deploy our software.

Our customer success team on-board new customers in weeks, not years.

We provide the latest version of our software to customers speedily and painlessly.



Data integrity is a big part of our solution. A single source of truth for health & safety data.

We also pride ourselves on integrity of communications to our customers from all parts of our business.

If we cannot do something, we will let you know.



We are trained safety professionals who understand the importance of striving for a zero harm safety culture.

Working with you to achieve your goals is core to everything we do.

At Effective Software our culture is built around your success.