St Leonard’s Hospice is an independent charity, providing specialist palliative care and support for local people with life limiting illnesses. In addition to a team of highly experienced doctors and nurses, they have specialists in a wide range of roles including complementary therapy, lymphedema care, physiotherapy, social work, bereavement, occupational therapy and spiritual care.

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Before moving over to Effective, Steven Harrison, Support & Development Manager for St. Leonards Hospice, made it clear that they were using a paper-based system along with a shared drive to manage health and safety. This was proving very hard to manage and was not working with today’s H&S demands. There was no clear or centralised place to find H&S documentation. Even the documentation had no common format and people were just creating their own. For example, Steven noted that for Risk Assessments, he would see 3 different formats regularly. As St. Leonards grew, there was an increasing need for a new health and safety management system.


What stood out to Steven when he went looking for a safety software was that the prices of some systems were completely excessive and they still didn’t even meet their needs. It wasn’t until he came across Effective Software that he saw a cost-effective and all-in-one solution to their needs. The ability to choose the modules you want rather than just having to pay for an entire system was very appealing to Steven. He found it easy to persuade his executive team to go with Effective Software.


Implementation was another big reason for choosing Effective Software. With a lack of experience with dealing with such a large project like this, Steven was delighted with the help he received in the transition. He was more than happy to have his hand held throughout the implementation process, which he thought was “Very effective, very organised and very efficient.”


One area of Effective Software that Steven loves is our Customer Success team. As he put it himself, of all the companies he has worked with in regards to customer care, Effective is the best. Emails and phone calls are answered promptly and everyone is extremely helpful.


Steven’s favourite thing about the system is how accessible it is. The fact that he can just take out his tablet anywhere, at any time and pull up a report or a risk assessment is what Steven values most. His time isn’t wasted locating health and safety data anymore.


The biggest change that the software has brought to St. Leonards is the engagement with health and safety among all staff. Getting people involved with health and safety was something that Steven struggled with before. Now, with the safety software, people are seeing and understanding the importance of health and safety. They have become much more responsible for producing the necessary, timely documentation for health and safety. This culture change around health and safety is why Steven chose to move to a safety software and he certainly isn’t looking back now.

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