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The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Management Software

The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Management Software

What is this guide about?

Welcome to our Contractor Management Software Ultimate Guide.

The management of contractors is no easy task. Outsourcing work will always reduce the amount of control held over the production or services provided.

While contracts and agreements can be set in place prior to work commencing, clients cannot have complete assurance that their requirements are being met.

Dealing with this amount of admin work can present difficulties for many organisations, as you run the risk of key contractor documentation expiring or being incomplete.

This guide is here to help you. We have identified some of the most common (and frustrating!) issues that you can run in to with contractor management, and how software can help to alleviate them.

Read on for the answers to all your questions!

The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Management Software
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Keeping track of your contractor documentation

One of the major issue’s employers encounter in contractor management is record keeping. The sheer amount of paperwork produced is overwhelming, from risk assessments, method statements, audits, to certificates and training records – all of which you need to be able to locate quickly and easily.

Chasing up contractor paperwork costs a significant amount of time. You might be working with several different contractors on a project and be chasing up multiple people for documents. This can leave you in situations where you have contractors on site, but don’t have any documentation.

Solution: All your contractor documentation in one central location

The Engage EHS Contractor Module lets your contractors upload their safety documentation to the platform, making sure that they are meeting your safety and compliance standards:

  • Contractors can upload their training certificates and documents to a central, accessible location
  • Contractors can manage and update their own profiles.
  • You can cascade and share contractors through your organisation to avoid duplication of work
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Challenge: Managing contractor approval and tasks

In addition to the volume of paperwork, managing contractor approval and oversight is a significant challenge. Large amounts of paperwork mean that important documents such as risk assessments and contractor method statements can expire.

You need to be sure that the contractors that you are working with are meeting your safety standards. Maintaining oversight of contractor tasks and contractor approval is extremely time consuming. Is it possible to easily see what tasks have been completed or are outstanding on paper? And what if it’s too late before you realise an important task has been forgotten?

Solution: A management system with automated notifications and actions

The Contractor Module’s system of reminders and notifications means that you’ll never let another risk assessment expire or miss a renewal:

  • Relevant users can receive notifications when certificates and other documentation is due to expire
  • Retain oversight of your operations by assigning and tracking actions to contractors
  • Track and manage contractor approval
The Ultimate Guide to Contractor Management Software
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Key features

Key Features

  • Central Data Location

    Easily track all contractor information in one centralised location

  • Contractor Approval Oversight

    Track and manage contractor approval

  • Delegate Responsibility

    Give contractors the responsibility to manage and update their own documentation for full supply chain management and reduced administration

  • Eliminate Duplication Of Work

    Cascade and share contractors through your organisation to avoid duplication of work

  • Maintain Consistent Performance

    Create and complete contractor audits to ensure performance is maintained

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications on expiries and new tasks

  • Easily Raise Internal Actions

    Raise internal actions relating to contractors or send tasks directly to the contractor admins to complete

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