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The Ultimate Guide to Plant Management Software

The Ultimate Guide to Plant Management Software

What is this guide about?

Managing your various pieces of Plant and Assets is a tricky task. Not only can your equipment be scattered across numerous locations, its safety documentation is just as hard to keep track of.

Dealing with this amount of admin work can present difficulties for many organisations, as you run the risk of key plant documentation expiring or being incomplete. You can also miss out on key inspections which can lead to disastrous consequences.

This guide is here to help you. We have identified some of the most common (and frustrating!) issues that you can run in to with plant and asset management, and how software can help to alleviate them.

Read on for the answers to all your questions!

The Ultimate Guide to Plant Management Software
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Challenge: Information relating to plant and assets scattered across multiple locations and files

If you’re using a paper or excel-based management system, your plant and asset records will be probably be dispersed across numerous locations. Whether they are in another department or across the country, having your documentation scattered means that its difficult to track maintenance, check certifications, locate user manuals and schedule and perform audits.

A lack of connectivity with other elements of health and safety means that you can’t easily attach a plant profile to specific checklist, risk assessment or method statement. Its also problematic if the plant or asset is involved in an accident.

Solution: All your plant and asset information in one central location

The Engage EHS Plant Module lets you capture and track all safety information, storing it in one easily accessible place:

  • Use the filter options to search by specific plant types
  • Store all of your plant certificates, maintenance documentation and user manuals together
  • Users can attach images, risk assessments and audits to a piece of plant
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Challenge: Missing plant and assets inspections and audits

A lack of action management in plant and assets can also cause serious issues. Using paper or excel based systems means that you don’t have an easy way to schedule plant audits. Its also difficult to ensure actions are assigned to relevant people. For example, what if a piece of plant missed an inspection because the person performing it was not notified, and it was then involved in an accident? This sort of scenario is unfortunately all too common.

Solution: A powerful Actions and Notifications platform

The Plant Module uses a system of assigning actions and email notifications to ensure you never miss another inspection:

  • Users can send and receive notifications in relation to events around the plant.
  • Users can assign actions around the piece of plant/ asset and see them through to completion
  • Receive notifications when an audit is due or when a certificate is due to expire
The Ultimate Guide to Plant Management Software
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Key features

Key Features

  • Mobile App

    Inspect the piece of plant/ asset via mobile to get real time inspections with photo evidence

  • Actions Tracking

    Create and track actions against each record Central Storage

  • Central Storage

    Store all testing certificates centrally with your asset records

  • Mobile and Module Integration

    Integrate with the Audit, Incident and Risk modules and the Effective mobile application

  • Clear Asset Register

    Simple visual asset register with traffic light indicators

  • Clear Documentation

    Attach relevant documentation and certificates to plant records

  • Reoccurring Asset Inspections

    Create multiple components and reoccurring inspections for any one asset

  • Easy Delegation

    Delegate control and ownership of assets

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Bromford Case Study

Bromford Case Study

Engage EHS was able to supply the tools and features that the business needed. The reporting function of the software allows the H&S team to produce and filter reports by several different categories, while the Insights dashboards let them to quickly see compliance across the business, regardless of location. Vitally, the Engage EHS Customer Success team also made the transition as seamless as possible.

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The Ultimate Guide to Plant Management Software Bromford Housing
"The transition was very easy… there was always someone to give us support at every stage if we had any concerns or issues"
  • Catherine Powell
  • Health and Safety Advisor at Bromford
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