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The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software

The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software

What is this guide about?

Welcome to our Training Management Software Ultimate Guide. Keeping track of employee training in your organisation is a vital, if time consuming task. Your employees need to be provided with adequate training in order to safely perform their jobs, which reduces the chance of possible incidents in the future. You also must be able to monitor this training and ensure it stays up to date.

Dealing with this amount of admin work can present difficulties for many organisations, as you run the risk of your employee training expiring or being incomplete.

This guide is here to help you. We have identified some of the most common (and frustrating!) issues that you can run in to with training management, and how software can help to alleviate them.

Read on for the answers to all your questions!

The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software
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Challenge: Difficulty keeping up with employee training expiration

Its tough keeping track of employee training. Not only does it have to be scheduled, you have to know who has attended a course, whether it was completed, when it will expire, and when it is due to be refreshed. It’s not unusual for information to fall through the cracks and working with so much paper or on spreadsheets means that everything must be manually updated.

It can be hard for your employees to keep on top of things as well. Without reminders, training dates can be forgotten, and they may not be aware if their training is close to expiration. This can leave both you and your employees in a precarious situation.

Solution: A training management software with automated notifications and reminders

The Engage EHS Training Module’s system of automated notifications and reminders means you’ll never miss another refresher date for your employee training:

  • Users can schedule employee training and send notifications to the relevant people via email
  • Receive notifications when training is due or needs to be refreshed
  • The module lets you track all training completion across your organisation, not just health and safety training
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Challenge: Gathering employee training data from multiple sources

Gathering your training data into one place can be a feat in itself, especially if you are working across several sites. It can be a time-consuming, multiple-day task. Once you get a hold of your training data, what do you do with it?

When you have managed to collect this raw data, you then must deal with pulling the information that you need for your reports. Is it possible for you produce highly visual reports letting you know exactly how compliant your employee training is?

Solution: A system that manages all your training requirements

The Training Module gathers all of your training data into one place and comes with access to our live ‘Insights’ dashboards:

  • Users can easily view training compliance for the entire organisation
  • Management can quickly generate downloadable reports on training performance and status
  • You can also generate reports for all the organisations departments and sites
The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software
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The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software
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Challenge: Keeping track of employee training documentation

Are you able to easily locate the training certificates of all of your employees, or do they only exist as pieces of paper in filing cabinets, scattered across numerous locations? It can be hard to monitor what certifications each employee has, as well as when they are due to expire.

Solution: All your training documentation one place

The Training Module makes record keeping for all your training documentation easier and more accessible:

  • Upload training certificates to a central, accessible location
  • Ensure accuracy by linking certificates and records to individual employee profiles making checks, audits and risk assessments easier to complete
  • Users and management receive notifications when certificates are due to expire
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Our Software Solution

The intelligent way to streamline training management. The Training Module automatically updates and tracks employee training information and course completion across your organisation. Enable multiple sites to manage their own training records while viewing your data in a central location.

Key features

Key Features

  • Visual matrix

    Employee training compliance at a glance

  • Cost forecasting

    Get accurate information on the expected cost of your training courses

  • Manage training

    Manage and schedule all employee training from one central location

  • Sheets

    Automatically create course sign-in sheets and notify participants and key administrators

  • Manage all certificates

    Store and manage all certificates and relevant documentation against employee records/ training courses

  • User configurable

    Fully user configurable allowing you to create your own courses, groups, and set notification

  • Online learning

    Integrate with third party online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for improved reporting

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DX Group Case Study

DX Group Case Study

DX Groups initial challenge was to find a software solution to centralise all health and safety data, they were delighted with the all-in-one system that Engage EHS brought to the table. Before the implementation of the software, if an accident occurred and an investigation was put in place, the likes of training records and risk assessments took a lot of time and effort to pull together.

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The Ultimate Guide to Training Management Software DX Group Testimonial
"The efficiency of this smart system has allowed Auditors to reduce time inspecting and spend a greater amount of time educating and progressing with the onward safety journey"
  • Tony Thompson
  • Regional Safety, Health & Environment Advisor
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