Tiptree (Wilken & Sons Ltd) has been in the business of farming fruit and making jam for over 300 years. Based in Essex, the company has expanded over the years and has branched out into Tea Rooms, Cakes and Puddings. The company is now the largest employer in the Tiptree area and is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its employees and customers at all times. Profits are used to support local sports and arts organisations and to improve the environment.

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Before switching to Effective Software’s health and safety management system, renowned food manufacturer Tiptree relied almost entirely on paper-based solutions and Excel spreadsheets. According to Stephen Cook, Health and Safety & HR Manager with the company, this lead to numerous issues and difficulties; spreadsheets were only available to those with direct access and duplication of work was commonplace. In the company there was a need to open up health and safety processes to a wider section of the workforce. It was at this point that Tiptree chose to engage with Effective Software.


Effective’s health and safety management system was first demonstrated for Tiptree at the ‘Health & Safety Event’, held in the NEC, Birmingham. When implementing the system, Tiptree chose a wide range of modules, including Risk, PPE, Chemical, Training and Hazards. Stephen says that as health and safety is a top priority within the company, the Effective system has been extremely beneficial for them. Improving access to health and safety processes has not only lead to an increase in reporting hazards and near- misses, it has also raised awareness among employees. Stephen mentioned that it was very easy to train staff in on using the system, coupled with rolling out the system gradually to suit the needs of the business and staff.


Since implementing the Effective system, the rate of accidents has been falling. At the same time, the number of observations, near-misses and hazards being reported has risen.


According to Stephen, the data produced by the software allows them to prove that that observations are being actioned and closed off. The Training module has been very beneficial to the company. Not only does the company know who has had training in a certain area, it is also using the software to schedule refresher courses for its staff.


Perhaps the clearest indication that Tiptree is on the right track with its health and safety management came from the British Safety Council.  The council praised the company and has made note of its use of Effective’s Training module and the systems overall functionality.


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