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Most of us know, broadly speaking, what a risk assessment is and what it is used for. While different organisations have their own risk criteria and style, at its heart a risk assessment is supposed to identify potential risks before work can begin. Creating a risk assessment is not without its problems. They can be time consuming to put together and nearly impossible to keep track of. This guide is here to help you. We have identified some of the most common (and frustrating!) issues that you can run in to with your risk assessments, and how risk assessment software can help to alleviate them. We have also thrown in some handy resources dealing with the finer-points of creating risk assessments. Read on for the answers to all your RA questions!



Your business likely has tens, if not hundreds, of risk assessments. Many of them are probably only a slight variation on the last. However, your staff spend a lot of time creating risk assessments from scratch – time that could be better spent elsewhere. Not only are you attempting to keep track of these risk assessments on paper, but you may have to do this over several locations/ sites. This makes gathering data for reports especially difficult, as you must chase up several different managers in different places.


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The Effective Software Risk Assessment module lets you store all your forms in one central location, standardising them for your entire organisation.

  • Users can create, edit and share risk assessments and templates using fully configurable forms.
  • Using strong collaborative tools, employees can participate in the assessment process, giving valuable experience and insight.
  • All your data now located in one place, accessible to everyone in the organisation and available as you need it.


If you are currently using a paper-based system, or even excel, it’s probably difficult to track who has received the necessary level of risk training. You have to trust that all documents are regularly updated which is difficult in time-sensitive settings, or when you’re dealing with a lot of people. In addition to this, paper and excel make it hard to control what information is being put into a risk assessment (especially across multiple locations). Can you show quality control? Should an event take place, can you show employees have been brought through a risk assessment to the appropriate standard?


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The Risk Assessment module lets you quickly see who has received what training, when it took place and if it needs to be refreshed.

  • Training matrix lets you schedule employees in for training on live risk assessments.
  • Immediately see whether risk training has been completed by an employee.
  • The approval process prior to assessments being set live gives you quality control of information.


If your risk assessments exist on paper, it’s hard to know how you’re doing in terms of compliance. This is especially true for business’ with multiple locations/ site or departments. Gathering data for reports is usually a time-consuming, multiple-day task. When you have managed to collect this raw data, you then must deal with pulling the information that you need for your reports. How simple is this process? Can you produce visual, easy-to read reports and graphs for senior management?


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The risk assessment module comes with access to our ‘Insights’ dashboard, giving you access to risk compliance for your entire organisation.

  • Easily see risk assessment data for your business across all locations using our highly-visual Live Insights Dashboard.
  • Users can sort by Shared, For Approval, Review Required, Under Review and Live risk assessments.


Does your current system let you know when a risk assessment is about to expire or when it is due for renewal? It can be difficult to keep track of all your risk assessments, especially if you are managing a large amount of them. You can easily miss a renewal date, or a review may not be completed. All this cost your business in terms of time. Making sure that employees complete their assigned risk assessment tasks also presents a challenge. This uncertainty means that important tasks can be left incomplete and risk assessments may not be accurate, which presents a very real danger to your employees.


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The risk assessment module’s notifications and actions feature ensures that all risk assessment tasks are tracked and completed.

  • Send notifications via email to employees when RA needs to be completed/reviewed.
  • Assign and track actions to employees.
  • Create, track and report on actions for control measures that are not in place


Identifying potential risks and establishing risk reduction plans are essential tasks in health and safety management. The Risk module was created to ensure full control of the risk assessment lifecycle. Our software allows your staff to create, share and manage risk assessment tasks, data and reports. The module automatically shares risk assessment tasks and reports with staff and management to give you all the information you need at your fingertips.

Key features include

Effective Software Features Complete Records Icon



Create assessments from scratch or make use of templates and shared risk assessments.

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Create assessments from scratch or make use of templates and shared risk assessments.

Effective Software Features Actions Tracking Icon



Assign and track actions to employees


Effective Software Features Record Data Icon



Configure risk rating scores and definitions for reports


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Visual Risk Assessments

Add images and attachments for visual risk assessments for easier understanding and education


Effective Software Features Training Icon


Risk Training

Track risk training across your organisation using a simple matrix


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Unlimited Access

Unlimited access points for your employees to create risk assessments and submit for approval


Clear and Transparent Benefits of Effective Software

Investing in a software solution can be a nerve-racking experience. It is of utmost importance to have clarity on all aspects of costs and benefits involved with transforming your health and safety management system to the cloud.

This is why we’ve created a quick infographic that will empower you with the information to make the best decision for your business.  In this, you will learn:

  • Why customers are choosing us
  • An honest view of what our customers can expect when dealing with Effective Software

Click below to see the full infographic.

Engaging your workforce

If you want health and safety to truly matter to everyone within your organisation, its vital to make sure that all employees are engaged with it.

What do we mean by ‘engaged’? It can be as simple as making sure that employees can report hazards or incidents with ease or that they are supported by management in successfully conducting safety tasks. It can also extend to fostering a positive safety culture in the business.

To truly engage employees, its important that they feel like participants in safety processes, as opposed to treating them like drones who should blindly follow orders.

We want to make participation in health and safety as easy as possible for all employees. To achieve this, we have developed our Engage mobile app. Engage allows users to quickly record and submit observations and incidents through a social media-style app. Not only does this open health and safety up to everyone in the organisation, but it eliminates tedious paper-based reporting.

See this short video for more on Engage and our new Insights feature, which gathers and visualises your collected data:

Our engage & insights products in 2 minutes

Driving engagement in health and safety

The theme of our recent conference ’Driving Engagement in Health and Safety’, resonated with greatly with attendees. Take a look at our guide to the event and the conversations and viewpoints that came from it:6 Top Event Takeaways - with Button (1)

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Looking to engage your workforce in health and safety but don’t know where to start? Download our FREE whitepaper today!Engagement WP - Button (1)

Benefits of Full User Configuration

User Configuration can be a powerful tool when using a software system.

Our health and safety management software lets you control the level of access granted to users. Take a look at this guide to our systems user configuration capabilities. Highlights of this infographic include:

  • What we mean by ‘User Configuration’
  • How the Effective system can be configured to suit your needs

Click below to see the full infographic.

Transparency of your data

Control and access to  data is a worry for many businesses, and a factor in choosing to implement a health and safety software. This infographic will answer some of the key questions you may have about your data when working with our health and safety software system.

Highlights of this infographic include:

  • The answers to some of your key data security questions
  • The measures that Effective Software takes to keep your data secure

Click below to see the full infographic.

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Next steps to implementing a software solution

Here we take you through a quick breakdown of what you can expect from Effective Software’s onboarding journey.

As an Effective Software customer, we are here to support you in getting the most out of our health and safety management system. Onboarding is one of the most important parts of your customer journey, and this infographic will show you how the Customer Success team will guide you through the process.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect from our Health and Safety software’s Customer onboarding journey:

  • The typical timeline and milestones of getting you up and running with Effective Software
  • The key people who will guide you through your onboarding journey

Click below to see the full infographic.

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Video Testimonials

So you have learned a bit about our software, now it’s time to hear what our customers have to say! We have gathered together a selection of testimonials from our clients, representing different industries and business sizes. Watch to find out the difference that our software has made to them:

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Case Studies

If you’re looking for a more in-depth view to the customer journey, look no farther than our case studies. Read on to see the problems that our clients faced before contacting Effective Software, the solutions that we offered and the results they now enjoy. We have a wide selection of case studies available, so you’re sure to find one that suits you and your business.

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What is a health and safety management system?

A safety management system is systemic approach to managing health & safety and ensuring that companies are in complete compliance with all current H&S legislation. A health and safety management system should be able to cover the entirety of an organisation’s occupational health and safety process.

This includes the health and safety workplace policy in the company, the process for accident & ill health prevention and the practices, procedures and resources for developing and maintaining the occupational H&S policy.

Why is a health and safety management system important?

Without a structured system for health and safety, you are swimming against the tide. Safety management systems ensure that when a task is carried out in your workplace, every precaution has been taken to reduce the likelihood of there being an incident. Minimising risk to your own employees is crucial to the function of your business and reputation. Preventing incidents and reducing risk in the workplace form the tip of the iceberg in what an effective safety management system can do.

Health and safety management systems enable the planning of health and safety, including the training needs and resource requirements. This all promotes business efficiency and can reduce costs in the long run.

Organisations need to be up-to-date and aware of legislation. Without clear compliance of the latest legislation, expensive fines and prosecutions can result. Health and safety management systems help ensure that your business commits to compliance and communicates requirements to all employees.

Nowadays, having a certified health and safety management system can often be an essential requirement for businesses in tenders. This means that safety management systems are becoming essential for general business.

What is Health and Safety Software?

Health and Safety software is a centralised, cloud-based health and safety management system that makes it easier to manage and share compliance data, tasks and actions throughout an entire organisation. The all-in-one safety system allows you to quickly create and assign tasks, easily share updates and reports, and monitor the status of all compliance activities at a glance.

What is EHS Software?

EHS is an acronym for Environment, Health and Safety. Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Software supports the management of safety and occupational health processes. This allows organisations to minimize risks and comply with appropriate EHS regulations.

What is OHS Software?

OHS is an acronym for Occupational Health and Safety. Occupational health and safety software, like EHS Software keeps track of all health and safety data and provides the means to run analysis and trending reports to manage the health and safety of your employees.

What is SHE Software?

SHE is an acronym for Safety, Health and Environment. It is considered an interchangeable term with EHS. SHE Software allows the management of Health, Safety and Environmental processes in an organisation.

Why is safety software important?

H&S software assists in the improvement of management and regulatory compliance. An effective safety software can do this by improving reporting efficiency and data collection. As the software streamlines health and safety data and collects this in one centralized system, data reporting is greatly improved.

Having all your health and safety data in one single, centralized location allows you to log incidents easily and create incident reports quick and efficiently. This allows organisations to track, manage and analyse workplace incidents so they can be avoided in the future.

An effective safety software can create a safer working environment by greatly reduce the risk of adverse events, reputational damage, penalties incurred and litigation. This is delivered by planning, doing, checking and acting at every step of the cycle, allowing full control and visibility.

Health and safety software allows organisations to gain more insight into your safety performance and helps identify high value activities that may need more time invested in. It will also ensure actions are followed up and closed out from anywhere. All this proactivity promotes a zero-harm safety culture with more time for planning and control.

Cutting out the paperwork involved in an inefficient safety management system greatly improves productivity through improved moral and reduced lost time.

Health and safety software for small businesses

Small businesses make up the majority of businesses in the UK & Ireland and face many of their own unique challenges. One challenge that they face in common with larger organisations is the requirement to provide a safe and healthy workplace. The legislation and moral responsibility around health and safety in small businesses applies as much as in any large organisation.

One common health and safety requirement for small businesses is to have a Safety Statement. This is a written document that specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within a business. Also contained in this document are your risk assessments and the control measures needed to minimise risk in the workplace. Check out this handy workplace health and safety toolkit for small businesses that the HSA provide.

Low-risk business that are small will find it easy to complete risk assessments to help in making the workplace a safer place. However, other smaller businesses that are working in high-risk sectors may need more resources and would value in investing in a cloud-based health and safety management system.

Health and safety software for large businesses

Health and Safety presents specific issues for large businesses and organisations. A large business may be spread across several sites countrywide, or even internationally. Even having the majority of staff centralised in one location has its difficulties in terms of health and safety.

As with small and medium-sized businesses, it is vital that large organisations have a Safety Statement. This is a written document that specifies how health and safety is going to be managed within a business. The measures contained within this document must comply with all relevant laws and regulations. In terms of the financial cost of non-compliance, large organisations certainly have a lot to lose.

A dedicated safety software can go a long way to streamlining safety processes in a large business. It can provide management consistency across multiple sites and makes sure that everyone is following the same rules. This also applies when contractors are being used, so that you can ensure that their processes and SOPs match your own. Bringing in a health and safety software can also facilitate better communication between departments in a large business. See more in our 5 Minute Guide to Modernising Health & Safety Tech.

Adopting health and safety software in industries

Major industries all have complicated needs and different processes. A good Health and Safety management system should be able to accommodate these needs and adapt to your business structure. Here area few examples of how software can work in a selection of industries:

Construction health and safety software

The construction industry in the UK and Ireland contributes over £100 billion to the UK’s and Ireland’s economies and employs over 2 million people. The construction and engineering industries in the UK and Ireland are some of the biggest industries prone to hazards and incident potential. This is made worse if there is a poorly managed health and safety system in place. Some of the most frequent incidents on construction sites include falls, collapsing materials, incidents with site materials and contact with overhead power lines. Despite an encouraging trend of a reduction in injuries and occupational health in the past 20 years, there is a lot more room for further improvements. Health and Safety software in the construction industry is one way of getting there.

Effective Software is currently working with many construction and engineering companies of all sizes to improve their overall health and safety procedures. Our customers are benefiting from using our safety software through the creation of a zero-harm safety culture, allowing greater access to safety data across an organisation, saving administration time on low-value activities and reducing management costs including administration costs, lost time spent, insurance premiums and solicitor’s fees.

Manufacturing health and safety software

According to the EEF, UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industry employs over 2.6 million people and contributes on average a massive 10% of GVA. It goes without saying that the manufacturing industry has higher than normal risk of injury and risk. Despite an encouraging trend of a reduction in injuries and occupational health in the past 20 years, there is a lot more room for further improvements. Today, Health and Safety management systems need to be much more efficient and flexible to accommodate to changing environments and regulations. Health and safety software in the manufacturing industry allows for these continuous changing environments and regulations.

Effective Software work with many well-known manufacturing businesses to streamline their health and safety processes. System users have highlighted the functionality of the software as a major benefit, including using it as a data aggregator to identify areas of concern. Many users in the manufacturing industry have identified the Risk Assessment, Incident and Training modules as bringing about major improvements to health and safety in their organisations.

Housing health and safety software

Housing Associations in the UK and Ireland provide over two and a half million homes for more than five million people. The housing sector in the UK and Ireland is not a sector to have a poorly managed health and safety system in place. Due to the nature if the industry, safety of clients and employees is of the most importance. We have found in our experience with our customers in the housing industry that they tend to need a highly flexible health and safety system in place.

Users of our software in housing associations have noted how it has changed their auditing procedures for the better. They no longer have to file through reams of paper and contact staff from around the country to conduct an audit. This leads to significant time saving in administration. Proving compliance and duty of care are core tenants of the housing industry, and users of the Effective system have identified its strong reporting features, Audit and Risk modules as helping them to meet expected standards.

Food & Beverage health and safety software

The food and beverage industry is recognised as the largest manufacturing industry in both the UK and Ireland with an estimated turnover of over £95 billion and employs approximately 400,000 people. In the past 20 years, there has been a remarkable reduction in injuries and occupational ill health. Despite this encouraging trend, a targeted effort is required to ensure further reductions. HSE research indicates that positive steps by management could have prevented injury in about 70% of incidents, and action by workers a further 10%. These positive steps for companies in the food & beverage industry should lead to a path to health and safety software.

Our customers in the food and beverage industry have emphasized the benefits that the Effective system has brought to their reporting procedures. The incident module in particular is used to conduct accident investigations much more effectively and gets all levels of the business involved. The overall usability of the system is something that is frequently praised by clients in this sector. Easy adoption of the system in a business leads to more employees becoming engaged with safety faster.