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DUFRY is leading the way in airport shopping. They reach a potential customer base of over 490 million passengers every year, from Valencia to Vancouver, from London to Lima, and by providing them access to the luxury goods and products they want, we offer an opportunity to our business partners to share in growing business success.

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According to Simon Kirwin, UK HSE Manager for DUFRY, prior to the implementation of Effective Software, the process that DUFRY had in place for recording safety data was very fragmented and inefficient. They relied on using Microsoft Word and Excel to record data. With everything done manually, this was proving to be a long and tedious process. During the process, too many emails were being sent and too much time was being wasted. There was a clear need for a more efficient and time-effective health and safety system.


In choosing a health and safety software solution, Simon and his team were looking for a software that had strength in its reporting. Simon noted how he would spend hours on Excel and pivot charts to report and safety data. Where Effective Software won over Simon and his team, was its usability and its price. He was very impressed with the value provided for the price of the software.


From agreement of contract all the way through to full implementation within organisation, Simon was very impressed with the level of commitment and communication from our customer success team. Implementation was excellent according to Simon who made it clear, if anything, DUFRY were the ones who were slow to respond and getting their information across to us.


According to Simon, the core problem that DUFRY had was ‘No Loop Closure’. Simon and his team wouldn’t know if actions were completed because users would not reply back with responses. This meant that they were always chasing their tails and found it very difficult to stay on top of actions related to health and safety. With the new system in place, there is a much more efficient and proactive approach to health and safety and Simon and his team feel a lot more in control as a result.


In terms of clear benefits to the organisation, Simon noted how the software system has greatly improved the amount of incidents reported. With the incident module, he told us how “We are capturing so much more information than ever before”. What he likes most about the software is the usability of the system and how user-friendly it is. With that in mind, Simon made it clear that he cannot wait to roll the software out to all DUFRY locations.

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