Whitford is a worldwide organization operating in more than fifty countries. They make the largest, most complete line of high-performance coatings in the world. Whitford pays particular attention to regulatory compliance. It’s comforting to know that all Whitford interior coatings, solvent- and water-based comply with the regulations of the USDA, FDA, BGA, JIS, and other governmental bodies (some also meet TUV).

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According to Graham Moore, Quality Control Manager with Whitford Ltd, the decision to source a health and safety management system came from the desire to achieve OHSAS 18001 accreditation. This internationally-recognised standard was particularly important for Whitford Ltd to have, as they are a company with a worldwide presence. As a health and safety management tool was necessary to do this, contact with Effective Software was made.


Effective Software’s Product Specialists travelled to Whitfords Headquarters to demonstrate the capabilities of the software. Before contacting Effective, Graham and the staff at Whitford had tried another health and safety system, which they were very dissatisfied with. Modules used by Whitford Ltd included: Audit, Risk, Hazards, Plant and Training and DSE. It was noted by Graham that Effective staff showed him and his team how to create templates and formulated an organisational chart for the company.


The benefits of the software have been almost immediate for Graham. Currently, all training and actions are ran through the system, the number of risk assessments and audits completed has increased, and crucially, Whitford Ltd achieved its OHSAS 18001 accreditation.


The increase in risk assessments, thanks to the Effective Software system, has been a driving force for many actions and improvements in the company. Manual Handling risk has been reduced, traffic is organised, and equipment has been purchased on the back of risk assessments.


For Graham, one of the most useful components of the system is the ability to raise actions with relevant staff members. With other systems, Graham found that actions and notifications could only be raised to a super-user, while Effective’s system of modules allows a specific staff member on the system to be notified and emailed.


Graham also mentioned that external Auditor were very impressed with the software, noting its visual aspect and the level of control that it gives over health and safety matters.


Finally, a key benefit that Effective Software has brought to Whitford Ltd is the capability to capture KPI’s, something that the company had been unable to do before using our system of modules.

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