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The Workstation module brings all of your assessments online and eliminates excess paperwork.

Workstation lets you create forms, assign tasks and monitor assessment activity in order to help create a zero-harm safety culture.

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Assign Out Assessments

Easily assign out your DSE assessments and review

  1. Assign DSE self-assessments to employees for them to submit to management
  2. Either assign assessments out to individual employees or whole departments
  3. Quickly review submitted assessments
Engage EHS Design shape
Engage EHS Design shape
A Paperless Solution

All your assessments centrally located and accessible

  1. Create your own fully-configurable assessments or use our pre-defined DSE self-assessment templates
  2. Cloud-based storage means employees ca access and completes your templates anytime, anywhere
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Increased Oversight

Understand compliance at a glance

  1. Track completion and compliance on one or multiple assessments
  2. The Workstation Matrix let’s you quickly see who has or has not completed their assigned assessment
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Engage EHS Design shape
Notifications and Actions

Track all your workstation actions

  1. Assign and track actions to employees individual workstations to ensure they are managed correctly
  2. Quickly view Open, Approved and Completed Actions
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Key features

Key Features

  • Clear DSE Forms

    Fully configurable DSE assessment forms

  • DSE Self-Assessment

    Can be carried out as self-assessments or by a qualified person

  • Track Completion

    Track completion and compliance on one or multiple assessments (e.g. home & office)

  • Manage Actions

    Create and manage all actions arising from DSE reports

  • Manage Reports

    Review, manage and archive submitted reports

  • Unlimited Users

    Unlimited DSE users

  • Templates

    Unlimited configurable templates

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McAleer & Rushe Case Study

McAleer & Rushe Case Study

McAleer & Rushe worked closely with the Customer Success team in Engage EHS. They took the company’s need to focus on hazard spotting and incident reporting very seriously, and always aimed to support their team as much as possible. The team work between McAller & Rushe and Engage EHS has been one of the greatest benefits.

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